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5342OAuth oauth_problem="timestamp_refused" out of nowhere

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  • rewards1search
    May 21, 2013
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      We've been using yahoo boss api for quite some time and it has worked perfectly, with all the codes untouched, we now get this error: Please provide valid credentials. OAuth oauth_problem="timestamp_refused", realm="yahooapis.com"
      What's weird is that the exact same codes is still working on our dev server, but not on our live production. How can we fix this? Here's the oauth object I am passing, sensitive info is removed of course.

      object(OAuthRequest)#13 (4) {
      array(17) {
      string(3) "1.0"
      string(32) "b41b21951af4ea58889e225f39ed80b6"
      string(108) <removed>
      string(10) "yahoo boss"
      string(3) "xml"
      string(5) "en-us"
      string(9) "HMAC-SHA1"
      string(28) "X82qUClJCTx4Hvc7hUqCUqNrnJ0="
      string(3) "GET"
      string(42) "http://yboss.yahooapis.com/ysearch/web,ads"
      string(559) <removed>

      Any helps would be appreciated.

      Thank you!!
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