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2483RE: [ysearchboss] Re: how to get structured result using searchmonkey and yahoo boss

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  • Atul Ilwadi
    Feb 4, 2010
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      Dear Ted
      Thanks again for the reply .
      As per your suggestion I used searchmonkey:local but it is giving me Local result even if my site is in australia
      Please try below searching keywords
      1. Bondi junction
      2. Capitol Grille

      If I search for "crown plaza hunter valley" it does not give result with microformat
      though if I do this search Yahoo Australia (au.search.yahoo.com) it gives me result with microformats .
      This means Yahoo local is not working in autralia even if I have seleted RESULTS FROM AUSTRALIA .
      Also can we combine the one URL with other also like
      searchmonkey:local and searchmonkeyid:com.yahoo.page. uf.hreview or searchmonkeyid:com.yahoo.page. uf.hcard etc,
      As I am still not getting the RATINGS .
      --- On Fri, 2/5/10, Ted Drake <tdrake@...> wrote:

      From: Ted Drake <tdrake@...>
      Subject: RE: [ysearchboss] Re: how to get structured result using searchmonkey and yahoo boss
      To: ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, February 5, 2010, 2:41 AM


      You just need to choose either the feed or rdf pattern and then set up your code to look for the data in those particular nodes.


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      Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2010 10:08 PM
      To: ysearchboss@ yahoogroups. com
      Cc: boss-usergroup- support-team; Ted Drake
      Subject: RE: [ysearchboss] Re: how to get structured result using searchmonkey and yahoo boss




      Also I noticed in the below XML that the data in searchmonkey_ feed and searchmonkey_ rdf are different like the telephone number is not in feed .


      This will also be a problem since we are using feed data in our php program . How to use rdf data .


      Any help please




      --- On Thu, 2/4/10, Atul Ilwadi <atul_ilwadi@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      From: Atul Ilwadi <atul_ilwadi@ yahoo.com>
      Subject: RE: [ysearchboss] Re: how to get structured result using searchmonkey and yahoo boss
      To: ysearchboss@ yahoogroups. com
      Cc: "boss-usergroup- support-team" <boss-usergroup- support-team@ yahoo-inc. com>, "Ted Drake" <tdrake@yahoo- inc.com>
      Date: Thursday, February 4, 2010, 11:06 AM

      Hello Ted

      Hello Ted


      If you remember we have been discussing about this for last 2 months  on the same blog .


      I wanted to get Address , Image , Ratings just like you search for "Capitol Grille" on Yahoo .com and you get the result . Check the attached image .


      with Yahoo local I am not getting the IMAGE and RATING . Please inform which tags show image and rating and how to extract them


      Below is the result which I got using below URL:


      http://boss. yahooapis. com/ysearch/ web/v1/Capitol+ Grille+searchmon key:local? appid=QLK5k0nIkY 0zTCeXhqVqrvRzHUUXQ BaYur6K&format=xml&start=0&count=15&view=keyterms% 2Csearchmonkey_ feed%2Csearchmon key_rdf




        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

      - <ysearchresponse xmlns="http://www.inktomi. com/" responsecode="200">

      - <resultset_web count="2" start="0" totalhits="2" deephits="77">

      - <result>

      - <abstract>

      - <![CDATA[

      <b>Capitol</b> <b>Grille</b> - Hermitage Hotel - Nashville, Nashville, TN : Reviews and maps - Yahoo! Local, 615.345.7116. Get Ratings, Reviews, Photos and more on Yahoo! Local.



        <clickurl>http://local. yahoo.com/ info-31406629- capitol-grille- hermitage- hotel-nashville- nashville; _ylc=X3oDMTRmaXR ua2gyBF9TAzIwMjM xNTI3MDIEYXBwaWQ DUUxLNWswbklrWSU yMDB6VENlWGhxVnF ydlJ6SFVVWFFCYVl 1cjZLBGNsaWVudAN ib3NzBHNlcnZpY2U DQk9TUwRzbGsDdGl 0bGUEc3JjcHZpZAN BS3hnd1dLSWNycjh mSUNrX3liV2dJbGd QZllGdlV0cVdHb0F CTHJ1</clickurl>


      - <dispurl>

      - <![CDATA[

      <b>local.yahoo. com</b>/<wbr>info-31406629-<b>capitol</b>-<b>grille</b>-hermitage-ho<b>...</b>



      - <keyterms>

      - <terms>


        <term>Hermitage Hotel</term>


        <term>Nashville, TN</term>

        <term>the Capitol</term>

        <term>Private Rooms</term>




        <term>6th Ave</term>

        <term>High Tea</term>

        <term>Web Reviews</term>

        <term>Tyler Brown</term>


        <term>Happy Hour</term>

        <term>Late Night</term>


        <term>Nashville Maps</term>

        <term>Share your photos</term>

        <term>Weekend Brunch</term>



      - <searchmonkey_ feed>

      - <feed>

      - <adjunct id="com.yahoo.page. rdf.rdfa" updated="2010-01-23T17: 02:12Z" version="1.0">

      - <item rel="dc:subject" resource="http://local. yahoo.com/ info-31406629- capitol-grille- hermitage- hotel-nashville- nashville">

      + <type typeof="commerce:Business vcard:VCard" resource="http://local. yahoo.com/ info-31406629- capitol-grille- hermitage- hotel-nashville- nashville">

        <meta property="vcard:latitude" xml:lang="en" data_quality="255">36.163037</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:parkingOpt ions" xml:lang="en">Valet</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:hoursOfOpe ration" xml:lang="en">Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily, Brunch Sun.</meta>

        <meta datatype="rdf:XMLLiteral" property="commerce:businessCa tegory"><a href="http://local. yahoo.com/ results?stx= Southern+ Restaurants&amp;csz=Nashville% 2C+TN&amp;ycatfilt= 96926153&amp;viewtype= map">Southern Restaurants</a>, <a href="http://local. yahoo.com/ results?stx= Restaurants&amp;csz=Nashville% 2C+TN&amp;ycatfilt= 96926236&amp;viewtype= map">Restaurants</a>, <a href="http://local. yahoo.com/ results?stx= American+ Restaurants&amp;csz=Nashville% 2C+TN&amp;ycatfilt= 96926237&amp;viewtype= map">American Restaurants</a></meta>

        <meta property="vcard:url" xml:lang="en" data_quality="0">www.thehermitagehot el.com</meta>

        <meta property="vcard:tel" xml:lang="en" data_quality="255">(615) 345-7116</meta>

        <meta property="vcard:longitude" xml:lang="en" data_quality="255">-86.781873</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:attire" xml:lang="en">Smart Casual</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:cuisine" xml:lang="en">American, Contemporary, Southern</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:priceRange" xml:lang="en">$20 - $30</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:serviceOpt ions" xml:lang="en">BYOB, Banquet/Private Rooms, Bar Dining, Beer, Breakfast, Counter Seating, Farm to Table, Happy Hour, High Tea, Hotel, Late Night Menu, Lounge, Personal wines welcome, Personal wines welcome (corkage fee applies), Private Rooms, Tea/High Tea, Weekend Brunch, Wheelchair Access, Wine</meta>

        <meta property="vcard:Name" xml:lang="en">Capitol Grille - Hermitage Hotel - Nashville</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:takesReser vations" xml:lang="en">Suggested</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:smoking" xml:lang="en">Non-Smoking Restaurant</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:features" xml:lang="en">Bar, Brunch, Great Beer List, Great Wine List, Happy Hour, Late Night, Private Rooms, Take Out</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:acceptsCre dit" xml:lang="en">American Express, Cart Blanche, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, Visa</meta>

        <meta property="commerce:ambience" xml:lang="en">Casual, Elegant, Family Friendly, Romantic</meta>

        <meta property="rdfs:comment" xml:lang="en">Located in the AAA 5 Diamond Hermitage Hotel, the Capitol Grille - Nashville has hosted some of America's most noted individuals while serving as a gathering place for Nashvillians. Using the freshest regional ingredients, executive chef Tyler Brown prepares a memorable celebration of creative Southern cuisine for every occasion.</meta>

      - <item rel="vcard:adr">

        <meta property="vcard:street- address" xml:lang="en">231 6th Ave N</meta>

        <meta property="vcard:region" xml:lang="en">TN</meta>

        <meta property="vcard:postal- code" xml:lang="en" data_quality="255">37219</meta>

        <meta property="vcard:locality" xml:lang="en">Nashville</meta>





      - <adjunct id="com.yahoo.page. uf.adr" updated="2009-12-24T12: 19:17Z" version="1.1" scope="public">

      - <item rel="dc:subject">

      - <type typeof="vcard:Address">

        <meta property="vcard:street- address">231 6th Ave N</meta>

        <meta property="vcard:locality">Nashville</meta>

        <meta property="vcard:region">TN</meta>

        <meta property="vcard:postal- code" data_quality="255">37219</meta>




      - <adjunct id="com.yahoo.page. uf.geo" updated="2009-12-24T12: 19:17Z" version="1.1" scope="public">

      - <item rel="dc:subject">

      - <type typeof="vcard:Location">

        <meta property="vcard:latitude" data_quality="255">36.163037</meta>

        <meta property
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