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  • christopher
    Scot James Wilson founded The Economst 1843 round the views that the most trusted global weekly would relentlessly ask those in decision-making power to
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      Scot James Wilson founded The Economst 1843 round the views that the most trusted global weekly would relentlessly ask those in decision-making power to integrate their analysis with 2 primary goals:
      end hunger
      end capital abuse of youth

      James was an alumni of the french entrepreneurial school of economics (diarised by JB Say) and the scottish school of Adam Smith. Both converged on originating the purpose of economics (in English and French languages) as: investing in next generation's productivity, freedom and sustainability out of every community

      Here are several questions stimulated by James
      1 What 2 goals would you have chosen, if like James, you were starting a social action media to end colonisation -1843 was just about England's peak year of colonising scotland and much of the rest of the world.

      2 Queen Victoria trusted James to find a more peaceful entrepreneurial revolution to redistributing productive assets than the French republic's cutting off of heads. Too much so , as she asked him to start a bank to start ending colonisation in India- a project that cost James his life in Calcutta where he died 1860 of diarrhea 9 months into his work on that continent. Fortunately for those who believe that ending empire was the first big challenge for pro-youth economics, James' son-in-law Walter Bagehot continued as second editor and saw through transformation of The English Constitution. So here's a 3-part question- did the Economist serve James pursoee of economics and weekly newspaper media more valuably for the human race than any other comparable enterprise:
      A) in its first century 1843-1943
      B) in its next 40 years 1944-1984 from end of world war 2 to the start of the net generation (post-industrial revolution of emerging 1 millions time more colaborative technology and deth of distance as a major cost in linking in productive ways people work)
      C) 1985 on

      we welcome your view of other nominations of economics and mediation;

      regarding A you might want to join in the book club dialogue on the biography of The Economist's centenary http://www.erworld.tv/id169.html

      regarding C a project of Norman Macrae family foundation is to catalogue cases nominated as potential entrepreneurial solutions to empowering youth's most productive decade particularly those who founders have proven a sustainable and urgent solution in one community and primarily want to help youth open source its franchise to other communities most desperately valuing the same productive opportunity-need - we cannot promise The Economist will publish any of these cases but with teams of adam smith scholars we are hunting for every good news medium and language that we can openly celebrate hi-trust solutions to youths most exciting millennium 3 goals
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