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  • Mary Anne Clark
    Thank you for this; it looks interesting! Mary Anne Clark SDD ... -- * Mary Anne* * * Thank you for this; it looks interesting! Mary Anne Clark SDD On Mon, Jan
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      Thank you for this; it looks interesting!

      Mary Anne Clark

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      If you're interested in Science--and what's going on in the Bay Area--subscribe to this monthly info:

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      Bay Area Science


      The SciSchmooze Weekly Science Event Newsletter




      Happy New Year of Science,


      Now that we know that the world didn’t end in December we can move on to some great new science presentations and celebrations in 2013.  You may have read a book called “Something Incredibly Wonderful Happens” by K.C. Cole.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it; it is a great story about the founder of the Exploratorium, Frank Oppenheimer.  What is happening there is an amazingly wonderful thing.  You may have heard that they are moving.  They are doing it with such style and spirit you need to keep up as things are revealed.  It is happening so fast that we can't keep up with all of it at the SciSchmooze!  They are planning an amazing event on March 10 called On the Move that will bring the explO to the Bayview and Mission Neighborhoods as well as across the street from Pier 15 where they will open on April 17.  It is no secret that I am a major fan but trust me on this…  Something incredibly wonderful is coming on Apr 17 at Pier 15 on the Embarcadero.


      Bob and I were overwhelmed with the response to the Ano Nuevo Sea Lion tour.  Thanks to all of you for your positive support and reaction.  It sold out in a little over 24 hours.  Full credit goes to Bob for the idea and making it work.  If you are interested in going out there on your own scheduling and being ready to order on line is the trick.  Here is the link to use if you would like to go yourself or to try and get a group together, Elephant Seal Guided Walks.


      Here are a few presentations that I think will help you get some new insights on some cool developments in science.

      1-     Myths of the Brain - 01/07/2013 07:30 PM  Kells Irish Pub, San Francisco

      2-     'The Pipe' - Tiburon International Film Festival - 01/08/2013 06:00 PM   Bay Model Visitors Center, Sausalito

      3-     Marine Science Sunday: Animals of the Arctic - 01/13/2013 10:00 AM  Marine Mammal Center, Sausalito


      A special note… Today (1.6.13) was the 162nd anniversary of Leon Foucault’s debut of what came to be called the Foucault Pendulum.  The California Academy of Sciences has one.  They built it, as well as more than 100 others around the world!  They are in museums, corporate buildings, and even private homes! 


      Looking ahead a few months…   SkeptiCal 2013 will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2013 at the Berkeley Marina Doubletree Hotel.  Block out the date now!


      There are so many scams out there that present science as the answer but the science they promote just doesn’t work.  Here is an example of some diet plans that just don’t work whether they say they are backed by science or not, 2012 Slim Chance Awards.  If you are curious about resources to help figure out if there is science and reason behind claims that seem to be just too crazy or actually look reasonable here is one of the better lists of websites that will help you figure it out or warn you.  Skeptics Guide to the Universe links


      Now that 2012 is officially over, check out The Year in (Bad) Astronomy Facts


      Peace and Pedals

      herbert a. masters III

      ScienceSchmoozer and a shameless promoter of:

      the SciSchmooze email list: Subscribe to the SciSchmooze right here!


      The SKEPTIC’S TOOLBOX in Eugene, Oregon www.skepticstoolbox.org


      "...in science there are collectors, classifiers, compulsory tidiers-up and permanent contestors, detectives, some artists and many artisans, there are poet-scientists and philosophers and even a few mystics."  Rolf M. Zinkernagel, Swiss Nobel prize-winning immunologist (born 6 Jan 1944)


      Science Events


      Upcoming Events:
      Click to see the next two weeks of events in your browser.

      The Era of Mainstream Clean Energy: Solar Rising - 01/07/2013 04:15 PM
      Stanford University Energy Seminar, Stanford

      Despite recent political attacks and negative headlines, the renewable energy and the solar industries emerge from 2012 ready to play a significant part in mainstream energy markets. Industry data reflects an increasing role for renewables as the fastest growing new source of electricity. It is now all but inevitable that our energy future will feature some combination of natural gas, wind, and solar. In this new era of mainstream clean energy, energy policy and industry action will determine what this future looks like. Will we end up with a gas-centric generating fleet with wind and solar around the edges? Or will we prioritize wind and solar with gas in a supporting role? What steps can we take to ensure renewables remain a central priority?

      Speaker: Arno Harris, Recurrent Energy 

      Editor's Note: This speaker replaces Rhone Resch, originally scheduled for this date.

      Signals from the Ocean - 01/07/2013 07:30 PM
      Montclair Presbyterian Church, Oakland

      How the Oceans are trying to get our attention.   Speaker: Mary McGann, USGS

      Myths of the Brain - 01/07/2013 07:30 PM 
      Kells Irish Pub, San Francisco

      Do we only have a limited number of non-renewable brain cells --and is it true that we only use 10 percent of them? Do we really need eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night? And is Alzheimer's inevitable? Is marijuana bad for your brain? What about alcohol, a known toxin?

      Science writer Judith Horstman will talk about your amazing brain, dispelling myths and revealing fascinating facts from her four popular Scientific American books: A Day in the Life of Your Brain, Brave New Brain, The Book of Love, Sex and the Brain, and her most recent book The Healthy Aging Brain.

      The atmospheric circulation of Pluto and Triton as predicted by a general circulation model - 01/08/2013 12:00 PM
      SETI Institute Colloquium Series, Mountain View

      A variety of previous studies have investigated the 1D vertical temperature-pressure profiles of Pluto and Triton's atmospheres, while another class of models has investigated the bulk north-south transport of volatiles on these worlds.  However, only recently have modern, 3D general circulation models (GCMs) been applied to Pluto and Triton.

      GCMs are global models that solve for the primitive equations of the atmosphere and surface simultaneously, and can be used to predict surface, subsurface, and atmospheric temperature; atmospheric pressure; the three components of atmospheric flow; and surface ice thickness and extent in a physically consistent way.  Most importantly from a meteorological standpoint, is that GCMs are the best tool for predicting atmospheric circulation, since this property is difficult to measure remotely.

      Dr. Zalucha will discuss the results from one such Pluto/Triton GCM based off of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology GCM dynamical core.

      Speaker: Angela Zalucha, SETI

      'The Pipe' - Tiburon International Film Festival - 01/08/2013 06:00 PM  
      Bay Model Visitors Center, Sausalito

      The Pipe follows a West of Ireland crab fisherman, 'The Chief', whose life is flung into turmoil by the arrival of Shell Oil in the bay where his family have fished for generations, and in a desperate attempt to protect his livelihood, he steers his 40 foot crab boat directly into confrontation with the worlds largest pipe-laying vessel, Solitaire.

      The Pipe is a story of a community tragically divided, and how they deal with a pipe that could bring economic prosperity or destruction to a way of life shared for generations.

      History of the Delta - 01/09/2013 02:00 PM
      Bay Model Visitors Center, Sausalito

      Learn about the history of the delta - from the early 1800s up to 2012 - from framing, discovery of gold, railroad building, and levee building to the present time with Ranger Bill. 1,000 miles in scope, 60-80 man made islands, and a population that exceeds 500,000!  Historical.   Educational. Informative.

      Multiscale Dataflow Computing: The Vertical Perspective - 01/09/2013 04:15 PM
      Stanford University, Stanford

      In this talk we show a vertical perspective on high performance computing. While on the chip level, microprocessors look like the most efficient way to compute, once we evaluate efficiency on the architecture level, the more flexible approach we employ with multiscale dataflow computing allows us to further minimize communication and balance computation with communication components. Finally, on the system level, parallel programming for both multicore and dataflow based systems requires significant effort, and legacy software presents a major obstacle to change. We will show performance results from users at universities and industry.

      To complete the picture, we present the application of Multiscale Dataflow Computing to complete scenario-based risk solutions.

      Speakers: Oskar Mencer and Stephen Weston, Maxeler Technologies

      Memory, Money, and Heat Sensing Underwear: Interdisciplinarity in Neuroscience - 01/09/2013 07:30 PM
      Marin Science Seminar, San Rafael

      Speaker:  Irina Rabkina, sophomore at Scripps College

      The Science of Yoga: A Mind-Body Practice - 01/09/2013 07:30 PM
      Herbst Theater, San Francisco

      Yoga has been shown to effectively improve over 50 medical conditions including stress induced injuries and illnesses. By combining the mindfulness techniques of meditation with physical movement of yoga, people all over the world have witnessed reductions of stress and physical ailments in their bodies. Jon Kabat-Zinn is Professor of Medicine Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  He combined the practices of mindfulness meditation and Hatha yoga in his world renowned Mindfulness – Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. MBSR helps patients cope with stress, pain, and illness by using moment-to-moment awareness and is now being taught at over 200 top medical centers around the world, and is offered at hospitals, schools, prisons and in professional sports. Kabat-Zinn will be in conversation with Kelly McGonigal a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University. She is the author of Yoga for Pain Relief, which translates recent advances in neuroscience and medicine into mind-body strategies for relieving chronic pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. McGonigal is passionate about translating cutting-edge research from psychology, neuroscience, and medicine into practical strategies for personal health and happiness.

      Space Colony Earth's Starship Ark - 01/10/2013 04:15 PM
      Lockheed Martin Colloquia, Palo Alto

      Speaker: Dr. Vince Teofilo, formerly Lockheed Martin

      How-to Nightlife - 01/10/2013 06:00 PM
      California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

      What's that one thing you always wanted to learn to do, but just never got around to – knitting? DJing? beer brewing?   The time has come! In honor of the New Year, NightLife is teaming up with experts across the Bay Area, including San Franpsycho, The Crucible, and SF Brewcraft, to present the ultimate how-to workshop. 

      At stations throughout the building, pick up the aforementioned skills, plus learn how to plant vertical gardens, improve your running technique, craft awesome cocktails, grow your own mushrooms, and screen print t-shirts. Know-it-alls who claim they've already mastered said talents can brush up on their self-defense and kitchen skills (separately, please), and learn how to identify edible California plants. Academy researchers will give a tutorial on how to identify specimens and contribute to local citizen science projects, and the planetarium staff will share tips on how to impress your date with star knowledge.

      Palau: The Tropical Undersea Wonderland - 01/10/2013 07:00 PM
      Science Buzz Cafe, Sebastopol

      Calistoga's Forrest Blau is scientist, biologist, photographer and diver all rolled into one great package. He recently made 35 dives in 9 days among the 254 islands of the 20,000people of the Palau nation. The photos and stories are dazzling and engaging. Clown Fish,Giant Clams, Giant Sea Anemone, Cuttlefish, Corals, tropical fish, Sea Turtles, Sharks, Manta Rays and Crinoids – the under water flower – are all part of the show. Every picture tells a story, story! This divers paradise has more variety of undersea creatures than most any other place on earth. Underwater caves boggle the mind, you'll see! As each new photo is backed by  Forrest's stories, anecdotes and enthusiasm. There will be chocolate prizes for the correct answers, too.

      Forrest began a 23 year career with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game where his first two years were spent working on coastal zone planning for Southeast Alaska. His last quarter at UC Berkeley was spent at the Bodega Marine Lab and he has had SCUBA diving as a passion since 1974. He also did field research on king crabs from Kodiak westward to the Aleutian Islands and Bering Sea dnd puclished several scientific articles on king crabs.

      Natural Discourse Symposium at the UC Botanical Garden - 01/11/2013 09:00 AM
      UC Botanical Garden, Berkeley

      The creative minds behind Natural Discourse: Artists, Architects, Scientists and Poets in the Garden present a diverse group of speakers who will address questions about how man's invention and interpretation of nature has influenced their practice.

      This one-day symposium brings together creative minds from disciplines within the humanities, sciences and arts to reflect on the lively relationship between plants and humans. Speakers will discuss how the study of plants inspires material and conceptual innovations in their practices in ethnobotanical studies, stem cell research, architecture and visual art. The symposium compliments the exhibition Natural Discourse: Artists, Architects, Scientists & Poets in the Garden currently on view throughout the UCBG through 20 January 2013.

      Alejandro de Avila Blomberg, Founding Director of the Oaxaca Botanical Garden
      Gerard Dosba, Head Gardener and project manager at the Festival International des Jardins at Chaumont, France
      Marie Csete, MD, PhD. Division Director, Center for Cellular Therapies American Association of Blood Banks
      Steve Oliver, Oliver Construction, collector of site specific works at Oliver Ranch in Sonoma
      Ron Rael & Virginia San Fratello, Architects

      Register online at:  or by calling, or by emailing.

      2013 Center of Emerging and Neglected Diseases Symposium - 01/11/2013 09:00 AM
      UC Berkeley, Berkeley

      Speakers: Don Ganem, Novartis; Lalita Ramakrishnan, University of Washington; William R. Jacobs, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Thumbi Ndung'u, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa; Ana Rodriguez, New York University; Sara Sawyer, University of Texas Austin; Madhukar Pai, McGill University

      Water, water, everywhere: Challenges of inland desalination - 01/11/2013 12:15 PM
      Stanford University, Stanford

      Speaker: Desmond Lawler, AEESP Distinguished Lecturer, 2012, Professor, Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering, University of Texas at Austin.

      Green Friday - 01/11/2013 06:00 PM
      Sierra Club Northern Alameda County, Berkeley

      Lincoln Shaw will share his slides and talk about his experiences working with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) to disrupt Japanese whaling in the Antarctic whaling sanctuary. Shaw served on the crew of the Bob Barker during the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's 2009-2010 campaign. During his 81 days at sea, he experienced violent storms in the Southern Ocean, swells as high as 50 feet, sustained winds of 50 to 60 mph, icy temperatures, and confrontations with the Japanese whaling boats. Shaw currently volunteers at The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, rescuing and caring for sick and injured pinnipeds.

      The optional potluck starts at 6 and the presentation begins at 7. Beverages and tableware will be provided.  Bring: Please bring a healthy dish to share with ingredient list if applicable in case you attend the 6 p.m. potluck.

      Journey South: Elephant Seals and Whale Watching - 01/12/2013 09:45 AM
      Point Reyes National Seashore, Point Reyes Station

      January is a special time at the tip of Point Reyes, as we are visited by magnificent marine mammals. First, from the bluffs above the historic lighthouse, we will keep a lookout for gray whales that are migrating southward from their arctic feeding grounds to their birthing lagoons in Baja California. Then, near Chimney Rock, we will have excellent opportunities to observe a colony of northern elephant seals occupying a protected beach. At this time of year the females will be giving birth to pups and the dominant males will be sparing and fending off the "bachelors." If time allows, we will walk along the Chimney Rock headlands for views of our local Pacific harbor seals and California sea lions. Join us as we learn more about the lives and biology of these amazing mammals, and share in the thrill of our observations. Also open to youth (age 15-17) with parent attendance. Register online.

      Living Machines, Greywater, Constructed Wetlands - 01/12/2013 10:00 AM
      California Native Garden Foundation, San Jose

      Greenbuilding consultant Roy Nordblom will present a talk on living machines, greywater, and constructed wetlands. He will lead a tour of the sustainable features at the ELSEE campus, including greywater and rainwater systems with edible native wetland species providing rootmass and biofilter in the greywater bog the garden sink, which combines greywater, reclaimed water, a solar fountain with a living aquarium, and serves as a visual teaching tool (and also an outdoor sink!)
      The class will look over the aquaponics project(s) underway, the living wall, and will discuss ELSEE's effort to become one of the first Sustainable Sites. You will learn how you can use bioengineering in your own home in a group brainstorming session. Potluck lunch to follow.

      Wildflower trails of Mt. Diablo - 01/12/2013 10:30 AM
      Regional Parks Botanic Garden Visitors Center, Berkeley

      Join us for our popular series of free public lectures on a broad array of topics related to plants and natural history. Named in honor of its founder, the Wayne Roderick Lecture Series takes place in the Visitor Center of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden. These illustrated presentations are enjoyable for beginners and professionals alike. All lectures are free and open to the public.
      Note: Seating is limited, so it is advisable to arrive early, save a seat, and enjoy the garden until lecture time.

      Speaker: Steve Edwards

      Beach Clean Up - 01/12/2013 12:00 PM
      Ocean Beach at Taraval, San Francisco

      Meet on the  steps at the end of Taraval at noon. We'll pick up trash and look for shorebirds along 1.5 miles of Ocean Beach. Bags and gloves will be provided. We'll finish up with refreshments at the Park Chalet! Heavy rain cancels.

      Run of the Salmon - 01/12/2013 01:30 PM
      Bay Model Visitors Center, Sausalito

      Years later and many millions of dollars invested, the endangered Chinook population is not recovering in ways hoped. What have scientists recently discovered? Is it something in the water? Find out more and feel free to share information with Ranger Linda.

      History of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - 01/12/2013 02:00 PM
      Bay Model Visitors Center, Sausalito

      Join Ranger Bill to learn about the "When/Where/Why/What/ How," the diverse, complex, many faceted missions, goals and objectives of the USACE's "Birth" in 1775 under General George Washington.

      The Basics of Salt Pond Restoration - 01/12/2013 02:00 PM
      Don Edwards Refuge Environmental Education Center, Alviso

      Join Park Ranger José Garcia to find out how construction in former salt ponds A16 and A17 ties into the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project. This ambitious project seeks to convert 15,100 acres of former industrial salt ponds to endangered species and other wildlife habitat using adaptive management. Presentation will be in the auditorium and if weather permits a walk on the 0.25-mile boardwalk to view the progress thus far.

      Low Tide Walk - 01/12/2013 03:00 PM
      Marine Science Institute, Redwood City

      Some years we find only a few perfect Saturdays when the moon and sun allign to let us play a good low tide. 2013 is different. We have LOTS of chances! But beware, it looks like 2014 will have very few opportunities, so make this the year to explore tide pools!! MSI takes to the tidepools for a treasure hunt of nature's beautiful intertidal secrets. We'll spend the evening taking advantage of the low tide to reach the outer edges of Pillar Point, and take in spectacular sunsets as we slowly retreat to shore. Will we find crabs, sea stars, eels and octopus!? This is a great all-ages, family event.

      San Mateo County Astronomical Society Star Party - 01/12/2013 05:11 PM
      Crestview Park, San Carlos

      The City of San  Carlos Department of Parks and Recreation and the San Mateo County Astronomical Society have open Star Parties. These events are held in Crestview Park, San Carlos California.

      Note that inclement weather (clouds, excessive wind and showers) will cause the event to be canceled without notice.

      Reasons to Attend; If you have kids interested in space or planets bring them here for a real life view of planets, nebula, star clusters and galaxies.  If you are thinking of buying a telescope or want help using a telescope you own, come here to talk with experienced users.  If you think you might have an interest in astronomy come and talk to experienced amateur astronomers.

      Setup will begin at sunset and observing about one hour after sunset.  In the event of inclement weather (rain, clouds, fog or excessive wind)  the star party will not to be held. Because each astronomer makes his or her own decision about bringing their telescope, there is no official cancellation notice.

      If you would like help with setting up a telescope or would like to learn about telescopes, come at sunset.  If you would just like to see the universe throught a telescope, come at about one or two hours after sunset.

      Start time shown is sunset for this date.

      Guided Nature Walk - 01/12/2013 09:30 PM
      Bouverie Preserve, Glen Ellen

      Experience the beauty and rich natural history of Audobon Canyon Ranch's 535-acre Bouverie Preserve.  Participants are divided into small groups and paired with a trained Bouverie volunteer to explore the mixed evergreen forest, flower-carpeted oak woodland and rugged chaparral. Guided Nature Walks range from two to five miles. Visitors of all ages are welcome.

      There is no charge but donations are appreciated. Contributions support the preservation, education and conservation science programs of Audubon Canyon Ranch.  Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and can be made a month in advance of each respective hike. Reservations are not definite until confirmed.  See website for reservation information

      A Woodland Winter - 01/13/2013 09:30 AM
      Muir Woods National Monument, Mill Valley

      Discover the wonder of an old-growth redwood forest in winter on this leisurely walk on the Fern Creek and Alice Eastwood trails. Look for salmon, mushroom displays, winter wildflowers, waterfalls, and more!

      Dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes as the trails are steep and may be muddy.  Bring water and a snack. Entry fees apply.  Meet at the visitor center.  For information and reservations, call (415) 388-2596.

      Marine Science Sunday: Animals of the Arctic - 01/13/2013 10:00 AM 
      Marine Mammal Center, Sausalito

      The Marine Mammal Center is pleased to present a monthly series Marine Science Sundays, held on the 2nd Sunday of the Month!  These fun-filled days of family-friendly tours, classroom activities and more will be centered around a new theme each month.

      This month as we bundle up with the cold weather, we celebrate the animals that have become champions of the cold: Animals of the Arctic.  Docent-led tours will take you around the hospital showcasing some of the patients we are caring for and how our veterinarians are getting them better.  Classroom presentations through interactive activities and multimedia will highlight animals such as the walrus, the narwhal, the hooded seal, and the bowhead whale, all animals that have become adapted to handle the cold arctic weather!

      Two sessions, 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM  See website for docent-led tour times.

      Grid Flexibility and Research Challenges to Enhance the Integration of Variable Renewable Energy Sources - 01/14/2013 04:15 PM
      Stanford University Energy Seminar, Stanford

      Leonardo Art/Science Evening Rendezvous - 01/14/2013 06:45 PM

      Univ. of San Francisco - Fromm (FR) Building

      Beginning Mushroom Identification I - 01/14/2013 07:00 PM
      San Francisco State University, San Francisco

      Skeptics in the Studio - 01/15/2013 04:00 PM
      Skeptics in the Studio, Santa Rosa

      Device Engineering with Quantum and/or Artificial Materials - 01/15/2013 04:15 PM
      Stanford University, Palo Alto

      The Sentinel B612 Telescope - Finding Asteroids Before They Find Us - 01/15/2013 07:00 PM
      SETI Institute Colloquium Series, Mountain View

      From inventories to a mycoflora for North America - 'Getting to know California Mushrooms' - 01/15/2013 07:00 PM
      Mycological Society of San Francisco, San Francisco

      Book Discussion: 'Too Smart for Our Own Good: The Ecological Predicament of Humankind' - 01/15/2013 07:00 PM
      Humanist Hall, Oakland

      Getting Comfortable with Global Warming - 01/16/2013 12:00 PM
      Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco

      Bay Area Agriculture in a Changing Climate - 01/16/2013 12:30 PM
      SF Planning + Urban Research Assoc. (SPUR), San Francisco

      Chopin and the Nature of Genius - Firinn Taisdeal - 01/16/2013 06:00 PM
      San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco

      The Universe Within - 01/16/2013 07:00 PM
      Jewish Community Center, San Francisco

      The Tigers of Market Street: Our Largest Butterfly - 01/16/2013 07:30 PM
      Shaping San Francisco, San Francisco

      Overconfidence and the Frailty of Knowledge - 01/16/2013 07:30 PM
      La Peña Lounge, Berkeley

      Results from the Large Hadron Colider - 01/17/2013 04:15 PM
      Lockheed Martin Colloquia, Palo Alto

      Strategic Energy and Control - 01/17/2013 05:30 PM
      UC Berkeley Extension, Berkeley

      What's Trending? Sustainable, Prosperous and Greener Corporations - 01/17/2013 05:30 PM
      UC Berkeley Extension, Berkeley

      Mandrills - 01/17/2013 06:30 PM
      Oakland Zoo, Oakland

      Skin, Cells, and Skin Grafts Exhibition: Opening Reception - 01/17/2013 06:30 PM
      swissnex San Francisco, San Francisco

      BLUEMIND: Putting The Science of Emotion Into Ocean Conservation - 01/17/2013 07:00 PM
      Bay Model Visitors Center, Sausalito

      Why Girls Love Science - 01/17/2013 07:15 PM
      Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum, Sunnyvale

      The Statues Walked -- What Really Happened on Easter Island - 01/17/2013 07:30 PM
      Long Now Foundation, San Francisco

      Sea Lion Anniversary - 01/18/2013 11:00 AM
      Pier 39, San Francisco

      Houge Park Start Party - 01/18/2013 07:00 PM
      San Jose Astronomical Association, San Jose

      Night School: Masquerade - 01/18/2013 07:00 PM
      Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland

      Bay Area Environmental Education Resource Fair (BAEER) - 01/19/2013 10:00 AM
      Marin Civic Center, San Rafael

      Central coasting, with emphasis on our diverse marine algae - 01/19/2013 10:30 AM
      Regional Parks Botanic Garden Visitors Center, Berkeley

      The Shape of Our Thoughts (Visual Perception of Geometric Shape) - 01/19/2013 11:00 AM
      UC Berkeley, Berkeley

      Sea Lion Anniversary - 01/19/2013 11:00 AM
      Pier 39, San Francisco

      Jazz Under the Stars - 01/19/2013 07:00 PM
      College of San Mateo, San Mateo

      Sea Lion Anniversary - 01/20/2013 11:00 AM
      Pier 39, San Francisco

      Seeing Below the Surface: Using new technology to study the underwater lives of humpback whales - 01/20/2013 01:00 PM
      Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab, Santa Cruz

      Salt Marsh Walk - 01/20/2013 02:00 PM
      Don Edwards Refuge Headquarters & Visitors Center, Freemont

      Sea Lion Anniversary - 01/21/2013 11:00 AM
      Pier 39, San Francisco

      Beginning Mushroom Identification II - 01/21/2013 07:00 PM
      San Francisco State University, San Francisco


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