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21790Re: YOUR ROSSMOOR Dollar Clubhouse or Museum?

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  • Mary Anne Clark
    Jan 23, 2013
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      I like the train idea but not every day. Maybe on special occasions such as 4th of July, Christmas and special events.  I do like the idea of the quiet time it presents.

      Mary Anne Clark

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      Jiayi Zhou

      Golden Rain




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      I did not suggest that the person was ridiculous, only the idea.  I still feel that way.  There is a great difference in limited historical display and creation of a museum. Dollar is and must remain a clubhouse.  Many residents have expressed concern that listing the property would limit our use of the building.  You and I know that is not the case and we need to be sure everyone else understands it as well.  The task at hand is protecting the house.  If we accomplish that, it will be time to consider repair and renovation.

      I'm sorry that you took offense, none was intended.

      Carol Cayard

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      Dear Carol:

      It is inappropriate to label the idea of fellow resident, also SOS member, as “ridiculous”.

      As Dollar house has been changed from residence to club house, why it couldn’t become a museum?  Being a historical building, displaying its history is a logical thing.  I am not suggesting to restore Dollar’s bedroom and hang a rope at door prohibit people  entering.  But hanging pictures of significant events happened in this house at selected walls, also have some flat TV, now they become thinner and thinner, will not occupy too much space, showing films of historical events. While the house still has the club functions you listed, museum add-on will only make it even more attractive. Please tell me why this is ridiculous.

      In my 11/2011 proposal to GRF, I also suggested Run model trains all over the building.  There is a wonderful example at Mt. Diablo Blvd ACE store and we have a model train club in Dollar house, if we can have trains running in the house, it will attract more kids visiting grandparents.

      I appreciate that you limit the protection target to “the building”, also you emphasize that becoming historical building will not prevent “repair and renovation”. It is smart.


      Jiayi Zhou

      Golden Rain


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      The historic designation has no effect of our use of Dollar as a clubhouse.  As Diane said, the designation would make it much more difficult to tear it down.  Our goal is to prevent the building from falling victim to someone's expansion plan, now or in the future. If Walnut Creek could be persuaded to participate in the program established by the Mills Act, we could see a considerable savings on property taxes.   A listed property would qualify for restoration grants as well.

      No one in our group has ever suggested turning the building into a museum.  That would be ridiculous.  Approximately 2500 activities take place at Dollar each year.  That number includes everything from card games for four people to family reunions for large groups.  We are working to insure that will continue.  Whether the building is listed or not, it is in need of repair and I understand that GRF is working toward that end.  Repairs and restoration will only enhance our use of the building for many years to come.  There is no down side to listing the property, unless you want to tear it down.

      Carol Cayard


      Mary Anne

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