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21774Re: YOUR ROSSMOOR Dollar Clubhouse or Museum?

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  • Mary Anne Clark
    Jan 21, 2013
      The intimate spaces of the Dollar Clubhouse give it character; something not seen in other architectural spaces in Rossmoor.  SOS fought fiercely for this building because we love those spaces and our intention would never have been to turn it into a museum.  Residents love having meetings, memorials, weddings, chess games, card games, tea parties and other gatherings here; our thought was to protect something treasured by others for these activities.  Conversions need to be carefully planned in order to preserve the character that makes it special.  The intention is to maintain it as a living, breathing building that supports life's celebrations and social interactions.  Too bad its gracious lawn and entry had to be destroyed.  I am so sad I will never see the lovely crab apple trees forming a necklace on its front lawn again.

      Mary Anne Clark

      On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 2:42 PM, <Ccayard@...> wrote:

      The historic designation has no effect of our use of Dollar as a clubhouse.  As Diane said, the designation would make it much more difficult to tear it down.  Our goal is to prevent the building from falling victim to someone's expansion plan, now or in the future. If Walnut Creek could be persuaded to participate in the program established by the Mills Act, we could see a considerable savings on property taxes.   A listed property would qualify for restoration grants as well.

      No one in our group has ever suggested turning the building into a museum.  That would be ridiculous.  Approximately 2500 activities take place at Dollar each year.  That number includes everything from card games for four people to family reunions for large groups.  We are working to insure that will continue.  Whether the building is listed or not, it is in need of repair and I understand that GRF is working toward that end.  Repairs and restoration will only enhance our use of the building for many years to come.
        There is no down side to listing the property, unless you want to tear it down.

      Carol Cayard

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      The coupon is only remotely affected by renovation costs. There's a 1.2% of the value of new construction added to property taxes.

      On 1/21/2013 12:56 PM, CarlBrown wrote:

      > My understanding is that the historic designation
      > applies more to the exterior than to the interior and
      > would not preclude updating the kitchen or even
      > adding an elevator. This is certainly the case for
      > the building on Main Street Walnut Creek which
      > was moved back from the sidewalk to create a
      > patio and the interior turned into a restaurant,
      > complete with kitchen up to current code.

      If there are no plans to change the exterior why go for the historic
      designation in the first place? You are just adding another level
      bureaucracy that adds cost to any remodel. I don't want my coupon to go up
      just so I can call Dollar a historic building.

      Carl Brown
      Skycrest Dr.


      Mary Anne

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