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  • benignheart
    I am sorry ! I was just teasing on you. I don t mean to make you back a gain with us! :o) You don t have to do that if you don t feel like to be around with
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      I am sorry ! I was just teasing on you. I don't
      mean to make you back a gain with us! :o) You don't
      have to do that if you don't feel like to be around
      with us. It's okay for me. No hurt feelings at all! I
      do so happy to find you back! Hehehhehe! You are the
      first one I lost but I found you again! It's just like
      a lost sheep in the parable! You know what I mean!
      Hehhehehe! Members of this club is my priority. and I wish,
      people would e-mail me the reasoned why they are
      leaving. and I know who has been leaving and comming in!
      Hehhehehehhe! To tell the truth, I do feel so sad when people
      joined then leave, because I felt I haven't meet their
      need and expectation. Few reasoned also people leave
      when they find out, the person that they don't like;
      is also part of the group! Hehehhehe! I can
      understand that, for conscience sake! but, everything would
      be fine if only we stay and believe that God can
      change someone whom we don't like sometimes. But, most
      of the time we don't have time to work with someone
      to help them to change so that they can still be a
      good friend. It takes times to really get someone to
      behave. if so many times we attempted to help them to
      change but still they don't change so it's time to send
      them to file 13! Hehehhehehe! Because we don't want
      people go beyond our perimeter! Each person in this
      whole wide world has it's own perimeter. If anyone
      cross beyond it, it can cause problem. See, tongue is
      so small part in human body but it can result to two
      things, either we build someone with this or destroy
      them! Tongue is just like a one piece of small match
      that if we will not watch it, it can burnt the whole
      forest! The same with people in the club, one member can
      destroy the whole appearance of the club. and that's why,
      one of the meaness responsibility is to delete
      precious members that is distructed to others to minimized
      the damage! :o) and I do learn many things in this
      club. I owe to each member ! with out them I would
      never learn somethings in life! I love you all folks! I
      wish I could do more than a word through a good deeds
      to serve but we are all separated by millions of
      miles away separated by hills , mountains and seas! May
      we all be bound with one accord of love inspite of
      the distance!<br><br>May God Bless each in everyone
      of us! Until next time! Take Care!<br><br>YOurs
    • Just call me Ging for short!:o)
      ... the
      Message 1659 of 1659 , Jan 1, 2006
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        > **There are times when God asks nothing of his
        > children except silence, patience, and
        > tears.<br><br>**There is one element that is worth its weigh in gold
        > and that is loyalty. It will cover a multitude of
        > weaknesses.<br><br>**No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on
        > bright side of things.<br><br>**Faith makes things
        > possible; it does not make them easy.:=) <br><br>GOOD LUCK
        > TO A NEW YEAR TO COME!<br>I love you
        > all!<br><br>Benignheart
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