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      Dear Ging,

      100 Marathons in 100 days. I'm going to walk 2,600 miles from Florida to California in 100 days next February 9 to May 19, 2011.




      Because I want to raise $10 million dollars for the All Power Ministry so we can complete the VISION.


      Are you ready to become part of something really big? Something that can really make a difference? Then watch this short video at www.goallpower.com/walk and become an ambassador to help us achieve this heart stopping goal!


      I'm counting on you!


      Exhilarated and Pumped for God,



      Now you may ask, what is so special about a guy whose hair has departed and has a big smile on his face?  And what is he holding in his hands that you need to get hold of as well?
      Here is Ryan's short story:
      "I met Leo Schreven for the first time while attending the All Power Level 1 and 2 seminars in 2001. I was instantly drawn to Leo’s enthusiasm for life, and more importantly his devotion to serve Jesus Christ. Since 2001 Leo has been an inspirational mentor in my life and a friend in Christ.

      "As Leo says, “Get educated, Get educated, Get educated!!!” Learning to master my physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual life has been the best decision I have ever made. What changed my life more than anything during Leo’s All Power seminar in 2001 was the Prophecy seminar. For the first time my eyes were opened to God's true character and the plan Christ has to save me from my sins. My heart was given to Jesus during the seminar and shortly afterwards I was baptized.  I can truly say my life has never been the same since!

      "Through the All Power seminar, God impressed upon my heart to share with the world the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.  After many years of praying and searching for God’s will in my life, He has led me to start a company called Mission2414. Mission2414 is devoted to creating and developing new products to help spread the “Good News” of Salvation to the world! With Matthew 24:14 as our inspiration to start the company, a friend and I have developed the most interactive Bible Board Game of all time, “THE MISSION.” Please visit us at www.themission2414.com to learn more about this powerful tool designed to bring Christian families back to the word of God in a FUN, EXCITING and INTERACTIVE WAY. Your family and friends will love playing THE MISSION--we guarantee it!"
      Here is an actual photo of the gameboard.

      I have gone through this, and my friends this is a great product!  You can use it in your family, at youth groups, at church, and in your small groups.  So I encourage you to check out Ryan's site and purchase the game.  
      Remember to check your email on May 19--something big is about to happen!
      Wishing all a blessed day!

      Leo Schreven, Director / Speaker
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