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  • jenn adams
    THANKS SO MUCH! ... From: number7jack To: youarenotalonegetadvice@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 4:49:07 PM
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      Subject: [YOU ARE NOT ALONE GET ADVICE] Re: boyfriend

      --- In youarenotalonegetad vice@yahoogroups .com, "Just call me Ging for short!:o)"
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      >Hey jenn, I'm in the same situation. i've been living with a man for over a year, I've
      maintained my independence. I work hard,never cost him anything and keep my interests
      and finances seperate. Ive given him time to step up, take charge and do what he needs
      to do in order to satisfy me and get a divorce. Thing is, I have no proof that they're
      actually "legally seperated' He also is filing as "married" at his NEW place of work...which
      means he had the time to think it out and file differently being that she left him over three
      years ago but clearly chose the status. Im on my way out of this BAD situation because Ive
      made sure not to be stuck by funneling money to my mother. Maintain your financial
      independence! !!
      If your man and his ex aren't just communicating in regards to the children if they have
      them, be VERY alert to signs of him not letting go.This could be a hidden stash of old
      photos he visits when he thinks you dont notice, withdrawals from his bank account
      coinciding with their communication. Also be VERY aware if she is coming back to use him
      for what is due to you (i.e. money, handy man , mechanical work, freebies from his
      work,other random favors) If the relationship is over so too shall be the services a man
      has to offer, I feel. If your fears are substantiated, have money put aside to make yourself
      completely gone from his life so he and his ex can try to work it out, Dont cry, dont be
      angry, just pick up,pack up and leave.It's always best to keep seperate friends also,so you
      have someone to turn to that wont turn on you after the split. I'm writing this as much for
      myself as I am for you.
      This takes guts but all will be for the better.
      Be well,Jenn. --Michelle

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    • jenn adams
      I KNOW THATS RIGHT THANKS MICHELLE ... From: Michelle polk To: youarenotalonegetadvice@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, September 26,
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 1, 2007

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        From: Michelle polk <number7jack@...>
        To: youarenotalonegetadvice@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 10:57:07 PM
        Subject: Re: [YOU ARE NOT ALONE GET ADVICE] Re: boyfriend

        Take out the freeloading trash, Hon. :o) Good Luck!
        --- jenn adams <jenntric741@ yahoo.com> wrote:

        > Thanks for replying she is an ex girlfriend.
        > He lives with me he did not help me with moving
        > into the new apartment nor has he helped me with any
        > bills.
        > And i have been putting up with verbal abuse and
        > lost alot of weight.
        > I mean i am happy about that. LOL
        > but the way i lost it was not healthy.
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        > From: Just call me Ging for short!:o)
        > <benignheart@ yahoo.com>
        > To: youarenotalonegetad vice@yahoogroups .com
        > Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 10:51:21 AM
        Subject: [YOU ARE NOT ALONE GET ADVICE] Re:
        > boyfriend
        > Hello there Jenn,
        > First of all thank you for sharing your concerned of
        > your situation
        > here. Surely, it will give lessons to others tooo.
        > I noticed there is two issues here; First, issue is
        > about your
        > boyfriend communicating with the x. What kind of X
        > is it? X friend or X
        > wife?
        > One thing about having a man with past history is
        > that, they are not
        > ours hundred percent. I have discovered, thought
        > wonders sometimes.
        > When two souls move on it don't mean good and bad
        > memories will
        > vanish. Some people might not have connection or
        > contack at all, but
        > in thoughts still care . So, if your so called
        > boyfriend still have
        > contack with the past, its a great challenge for you
        > how to get his
        attention focus to you. You must bring the subject
        > out. You must
        > communicate with him not yell how you feel about it.
        > Also, My advice
        > its not good to stay with a man that is not married
        > each other.
        > Usually, the relationship will not last long. Bec;
        > staying together
        > there is no commitment there to love and cherish
        > each other by
        > sickness or in health. This is a great mistakes for
        > ladies or guys who stays
        > with someone not being married. Usually man looses
        > their respect of
        > ladies dignity.
        > and Right man also should never stay with a lady
        > that is not their
        > wives.
        > In relationship we have to make it what we need and
        > want, we must
        > communicate it clearly what we wish to happened and
        > what we want to
        > expect and do. Thats why its called life partner
        > bec;
        both will work
        > hard together toward the ultimate goal of mankind
        > which is happiness.
        > Be courageous to speakout what you like and what you
        > don't like.
        > Don't be afraid you might offend his feelings and
        > left you. So, be
        > it!!! If he is true to you he will never find
        > anobody else and he
        > would never leave you. If he does, wish him goodluck
        > and the best.
        > Remember the world is round and so many gentlemen
        > around.
        > Get to know yourself very well, when you know your
        > strength and
        > weakness then you are ready to welcome another new
        > man in life.
        > Don't be afraid to ask him if he has contack with
        > the x. If he said;
        > yes, tell him how she is doing is she wants you
        > back? If she said,
        > yes, then aks him what he said? If he said ,he
        > doesn't want to go
        > back.
        Then , its your opportunity to tell him how
        > you trully feel
        > about the situation. Tell him, that its bothers you
        > when he still
        > contack his x. If he makes up his mind to stay with
        > you then he has
        > to stay away from the x for along time till your
        > confident with each
        > other getting stronger.
        > It is when we feel so worried and jealous when our
        > man communicate
        > with the x bec; we are not sure if He is totally
        > committed to us. As
        > far as my concerned He is not legally committed to
        > you yet bec; both
        > of you are not married yet. He still have time or
        > free to wonder
        > around bec; he is not committed to no one. Thank God
        > for legal
        > procedures in marriage. It gives us limit and
        > bounderies of what we
        > can do and what not.
        > So, redirect your thinking ask yourself if you
        > doing things right
        > in life. For long term relationship you must reserve
        > yourself in
        > marriage. Good descent guy looking for good reserve
        > woman for life
        > time. There is sacrifice involve and commitment for
        > successful
        > relationship. The key is communication, don't wait
        > for tomorrow for
        > what you can do for today. Never go to bed upset and
        > have stil an
        > issue that need to be solve before going to bed.
        > May be my message is very heavy to take, but I care
        > for your
        > situations. I Have seen a lot and I have heard a lot
        > and I been
        > through a lot. HhehehehehMy life is about others how
        > to make our
        > world a better place to live for everyone.
        > Many didn't realize of their situation of what they
        > are doing.
        > Situations that we don't know its wrong its okay for
        > the
        first time,
        > but when we know it is wrong and we are still doing
        > it... then we
        > face the consequences alone in our lifetime.
        > There is always time to change as long as life still
        > permitted. WE
        > must learn to fight our own difficulties and start
        > from there and move
        > to another directions then life is more smoother.
        > God uses others to
        > communicate with us to help us see what we never see
        > before.
        > When we find a new light take it with us because
        > there is wisdom in
        > it that lead to peaceful life. Through God , With
        > God and By God,
        > we will be successful to peace and happiness.
        > Best of luck to you! and Goodluck! I will be praying
        > for you.
        > Remember to Look up above you when things seens so
        > confusing down below.
        > Take care, and Gless,
        > Yours
        > Benignheart
        > --- In youarenotalonegetad vice@yahoogroups .com,
        > "jenntric741"
        > <jenntric741@ ...> wrote:
        > >
        > > Good morning!
        > >
        > > I have a situation and not sure what i need to
        > do....
        > >
        > > My boyfriend is still in communication with his x.
        > >
        > > Now if that were me he would of had a fit.
        > >
        > > We live together.
        > >
        > > Lately we have been acting like roommates.
        > >
        > > He does not know i know that he is in
        > communication with his x.
        > >
        > > Please tell me what i should do if I should bring
        > it up?
        > >
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