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  • Just call me Ging for short!:o)
    Thank you my friend for your compliments. :) ... good ... a ... find ... to ... still ... base ... still ... women ... things ... weak ... other ... alone ...
    Message 1 of 14 , Jun 30, 2007
      Thank you my friend for your compliments. :)

      --- In youarenotalonegetadvice@yahoogroups.com, Robert McLeod
      <artdesigntech@...> wrote:
      > good advice
      > benignheart2 <benignheart2@...> wrote:
      > This is what the advice of the greatest Teacher; (Heavenly Teacher)
      > According to His written word any relationship outside married is
      > committing adultery. Seeking affections outside the marriage not
      > idea bec; it brings pain to other party. One can feel not valued
      > than the other therefore is not good situations. You can make up
      > your mind to whom you will be with the rest of your life. If you
      > prefer the one that you got pregnanted with, as you believe she is
      > good partner in a long run or give your legal spouse freedom to
      > someone else. Its up for her to forgive you or not. Just be honest
      > with her. Tell the truth what you feel about her and what happened
      > your life in a close curtain. Tell her you are involved emotionally
      > with someone. Ask her if she will forgive you and keep the marriage
      > going or not. If she said; "I will forgive you then repent, and
      > try to support your baby in outside married. Make your legal wife
      > understand. Let see also if your girl friend will understand you
      > eventually she will dump you when she realize she is been used only
      > and not legal wife.
      > If ur legal wife can't stand it and decide to let you go, then face
      > the reality and hopefuly at the closing of your life you will not
      > regret what you have done. Bec; guilt and terrible feelings to have.
      > True love develops with many years it will not born overnight.
      > Enfatuations don't last forever when conflicts occurs. Bec; its
      > on feelings and emotions no commitment. True love remains even the
      > feelings and emotions are not great. But, there are exceptions,
      > enfatuations sometimes can develop to seriously love by hook and by
      > crook even there are sever conflict in the later days the love
      > survive.
      > Let both women decide if its okay to live in this life with two
      > in one man. There are woman can live like this. and Lucky are those
      > man who have accepting womens in life but I doubt if the guy will
      > have peace in mind. hehehehhe But high self esteem ladies it won't
      > work this triangle love. They will kill you of what you have done.
      > Bec; bed is something secred for couples not to be shared. Only
      > friendship, sisterly and brotherly love and care can be shared but
      > not intimacy between the couple. But sometimes it happened to open
      > the zippers to strangers but human are allowed to be mixup for the
      > first and second time but I don't know about the third times may be
      > someone will face death. heheheheh
      > Well, goodluck to you! Just to make it sure the baby is really your
      > blood may be someone got to her first before you. Is she has esteem
      > and dignity and she knew you are married she will not do this
      > for second time; Unless you tempt her and take advantage on her
      > days to say "no". hehehhe May be she realize she was mistaken for
      > first time but if she comes to her sensese what she had done to
      > woman or to someones married vows , then she will shoot you out.
      > Unless she is desperate to get a man bec; she can't cope being
      > in life. But, one way or another she will realize when she reach
      > certain age then you will have trouble if her self esteem develop.
      > Feelings and emotions its just like certain plant that if we don't
      > water it daily or constant care it will die itself. If certain
      > that is so temptation to us , then its time to move on not much
      > contack each other so that it will not be bothersome to break more
      > principles of respecting others property. Evryones lower hips is
      > belong to someone whom they promise before the altar that they will
      > love and cherish that woman or man. if they have a hard time doing
      > it they should not go for that commitment till someone make up the
      > mind.
      > But; things happened so, face the reality. I believe in every
      > there is a solutions.
      > The best solutions I can think of your situations make up your mind
      > to whom you will be with. You can't let this situation go on for no
      > one can serve two masters and still be free in guilt. Humans
      > goal in this life is to reach the pennicle of happiness . So, lets
      > all need to clear the path way to happiness cut off the bad vines
      > that bothers the way to successful relationship. Its hard and not
      > safe to be in the boat one foot and the other foot on the other
      > you are end up riding between the two boat when both boat go in
      > other directions you are split in half and no good situation for
      > more hurt if you wait more longer without resolving the situation
      > Goodluck to you brother. I feel your challenge and I can
      > Sorry if I am a little bit streaight forward here I am just sharing
      > to you what I have learn and experience in life. I am quiet older
      > and my goal is to share wisdom I may gain through out the years and
      > some testimony I have heard from around the world.
      > Wish you peace and joy forever in your life. Take your burden to
      > Lord and leave it there. There is no problem so big that God cannot
      > solve it. He cares for all of us. He understand all the temptations
      > we are going through He knows we want to make it right but
      > we don't know how ... that's why He reaches us through sending us
      > experience friends in our lives.
      > Take care and thankyou for sharing your situations! Your situations
      > touch so many others and all of our experience others can learn
      > hope they will not make same mistakes.
      > Yours truly,
      > Benignheart
      > I will keep you in prayers. You are welcome to share your update to
      > all of us of your situations.
      > Looking forward to hear from you again. My apology if I am sound
      > strong but truth swometimes is hurt. my intention is not to judge
      > one but shared ideas what I've experienced and shared others what
      > they have been through and learn lessons from them.
      > Our goal is to help find together the best possible solutions in
      > every challenge we face in life. Every bad or good situations is
      > to a new possibility of improvement in life walk.
      > Mathew 8: 38 if I am not mistaken, "Everything happened for good to
      > those who love the Lord according to His purpose."
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      > >
      > > my girlfreind is pregnant.
      > > what to do nopw
      > >
      > >
      > > i had no physical relations with my wife yet
      > > as i am married to my girlfriend though not legally
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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