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    HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH S - Weekly News Paper On Web Spreading The Light Of Humanity & Freedom Editor : NAGARAJ.M.R. VOL.1 ISSUE.51 25/02/2006 EDITORIAL :
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006
      HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH'S - Weekly News Paper On Web
      Spreading The Light Of Humanity & Freedom
      Editor : NAGARAJ.M.R. VOL.1 ISSUE.51 25/02/2006



      In the 7 year old jessica lal murder case , all the accussed – children of rich & mighty have gone scot free , for lack of both prosecution & witnesses. The culprits have forced the witnesses to remain silent through the use of muscle & money power. The investigating police official, from the beginning has done roughshod work & also have played a role in silencing witnesses. I.O MORE RICHER NOW? PROMOTIONS? The presiding judge of the court has overlooked many omissions & commissions by the prosecution and in a hurry closed the case , acquitting all the accussed. Reward for judge – promotion as high court judge. In this way, the police-prosecutor-judge were together ganged up against the victim from the beginning. Also, the witnesses were afraid of brute muscle power of rowdies & rowdies in khaki uniform.

      Now, take the gujarath riots case. In the first place riot took place under the active patronage of gujarath state government machinery. Naturally the police , prosecutors & judges in gujarath were against the riot victims & closed one case after another, acquitting the guilty. However the apex court got transferred riot cases out of gujarath , under public pressure. However, even the apex court failed to instill confidence , in the prime witness of best bakery case , the apex court failed to positively reassure the witness of her safety & livlihood. As a result , out of fear she became hostile- went on changing her statements.

      In this manner, numerous low profile cases involving commonman are buried , witnesses silenced by the corrupt nexus of police-prosecutor-judge. They don't even draw media attention as they are low profile. Drastic reforms of criminal justice system in india is needed. Punishing the hostile witness is not the solution. Accountability of investigating officers , police , prosecutors & judges is needed.how come some police officials , public prosecutors & judges are leading luxurious lifestyles, beyond the scope of their legal income?

      Recently in the media there was mention of a C.D of alleged conversation between samajvadi party M.P mr.amar singh & U.P chief minister , about influencing a high court judge & fixing a case. This is the way our judiciary functions in india. Rewards for corrupt judges – out of turn promotions, post retirement postings , postings to kith & kin , land allotments , etc.

      Accountability of judiciary & investigating agencies is the need of the day. Let us start with polygraph tests for I.O , POLICE , PUBLIC PROSECUTOR & JUDGE of jessica lal murder case.


      Your's sincerely,



      In the past there were media reports about judges selling judicial orders like bail , acquittal , warrant , etc for a price. We have read about judges lifting furnitures from govt bungalow , judges attempting to rape a victim for giving favourable judgement , judge involved in murder attempt , judge cleaning his official chamber with ganga water as it was previously occupied by a judge belonging to backward caste , judge misusing medical reimbursement allowance , judge filing fase affidavit , newly appointed women judges paying back for the favours received in an immoral manner to the selectors ie high court judges , etc. Indian judiciary is no better than outside civil society , it is just a reflection of it. It is rotten & corrupt. When ever a voice is raised against the corrupt judges that is silenced by contempt proceedings. Right from munsiff Judges , quasi-judicial officers like magistrates , to the apex court corruption is wide spread. Some of them are utterly wealthy & leading luxurious lifestyles much beyond the scope of their legal income.

      HRW has brought to the notice of apex court, numerous cases of crimes by rich & mighty . no reply from apex court. HRW editor himself has suffered numerous fundamental & human rights violations perpetrated by rich & mighty to silence him . HRW has appealed about that too to the apex court , no reply. HRW editor was not permitted to appear before JAIN COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY & the court , probing late P.M.Rajiv gandhi assassination case , as an amicus curie. As a result of raising his voice against injustices , HRW editor was beaten up & attempts to murder him were made , his newspaper publications were closed , his home page was hacked , free web blog services were abruptly stopped , government jobs he was eligible to on merit - were denied to him by manipulation. HRW & his family were threatened of false fix-ups in cases , 3rd degree torture by police. Inspite of bringing all these issues to the notice of apex court – there is no reply nor any action. Police are not registering my complaints about this issue nor legal services authority are giving legal aid to me , about these issues.

      It proves some officials in the apex court are hand in glove with the criminal nexus. WHAT IS THE PRICE TAKEN BY SUCH JUDGES FROM CRIMINALS , FOR KEEPING MUM ??? HRW has utmost respect for the judiciary. There are few honest judges in the judiciary by whom only the wheel of democracy is turning in india , we salute those honest few. This is an appeal to bring to book criminals in the garb of judges, who are hiding behind legal immunity privileges & making money. I , HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH'S Editor nagaraj.M.R. hereby do offer my services ( subject to conditions ) in bringing to book the corrupt elements in judiciary. Are you ready honourable chief justice of india sir ?


      It reminds me of the satarical couplet of the famous Urdu Poet Akbar Allahabadi. He was Civil Judge, and once in his court, an old lady whose case was called out, came imploring for justice.

      He commented, ` Ajab pagal hei mangti hei insaf ki duhai,


      ( Is she mad that she is imploring for justice. The Court of which I am the Presiding Officer is DEEWANI(mentally deranged)

      I fully agree that the Indian Judicial system has become totally rotten. The rise of crimes and all other allied evils are basically attributed to the fact that people have lost complete faith in Judiciary - either because of the corruption or the rigmarole of its procedure. It is better not to have any judicial institution in the country than the present rotten structure.

      Jessica Lal murder case has fully exposed the "Rotteness Of Judicial System". But BMW case was the worst – Murder of 7 policemen on duty by a speeding car. The trail of leaking engine oil led to the residence of the Admiral Nanda, photographs of the dented BMW in a way that clearly suggest hitting soft heavy bodies like humans- there was no scratching of paint for example. No other evidence was required. Majority of the judges are thoroughly corrupt like any other institution in India. In BMW case a judge should have focused on the "Forensic Evidence" and ought to have inspected the vehicle within a day or two of assuming charge to make sure there is no cover up. But such a judge may not have got selected in first place, may have been transferred midway and denied promotions.

      Positive Statement:

      Unless The Apex Judiciary "Demand Performance & Flawless Conduct From Lower Judiciary" No Improvement In Judiciary Is Possible". Secondly had the sessions judge insisted on proper investigation or passed a judgment that "Police Has Incompetently & Dishonestly Carried Out Investigation With A View To Let Off The Accused And Desired Second Investigation By CBI" It would Have Led To The Dismissal Of The Investigators Who Were Actually Promoted. the Bail Drama up to the Supreme Court enacted by all influential under trials which has no parallel in the world, softens the resolve of the victim's kin who can't match the money power of the accused. This is also a malpractice in our judiciary not fully considered.

      Message of the story is "Be Corrupt, Make Money And Get Promotions". Immediately after world's worst judgment, the judge was promoted to Delhi High Court so as be available influence appeal against the judgment in three days.

      Jessica's murder investigaion was fixed-Senior police officer It is sheer nonsense to defend the police lapses. The main accused was son of a powerful Chandigarh based industrialist cum politician belonging to Congress. It is clear case of rich men's sons going berserk as they think every thing can be managed in this country of corrupt people.Pressures, inducements, money power and manipulating boneless and unethical bureaucracy have emboldened influential people's wards to indulge in their flings and fancies openly. Be it U.P or Punjab or Delhi. The same way mafia groups and Dons and their henchmen openly walk in street shoving guns at any one they like. Daya Nayak was nothing but an agent of such criminals and wrong doers. He was suspected to have become official marksman of them. Taking advantage both ways became hero and also rich quite filmy style.

      The failure of police case is direct slap on this huge police infrastructure for which tax payers pay through their sweat. For what? To kill innocent and intimidate the helpless and poor and common citizens and to actually protect crimes in society? If Police officials knew that the case was being mishandled why it was not transferred and the concerned IOs dismissed from Job? There are adequate powers available in Constitution and police rule books for that but hardly any government servant is dismissed. The whole set up is stinking with the rot set in, right from top to bottom. You can't blame the court. It has to follow laid down judicial procedures and guidelines on evidence, which are to be rewritten being obsolete and British, made. Other wise same corrupt people will get innocent indicted by cooked up stories and police diaries. I have seen public attorneys mostly dis-interested in their cases doing it routinely and they can be bought too. The manner in which state witnesses are handled cheaply and with indifference is insult to any citizen wanting to help law. I have been one in 2 cases and regretted to become state witness. The injustice to Jessica Lal is not because police are incompetent but because they are rotten and corrupt forgetting that one-day the crime will soon catch their homes too. They are cowards too yielding to commands of their boneless and corrupt bosses.

      And what about senior people and top cream of society who were present at the scene. All are eunuchs or morally degenerate so as not to come forward and give evidence? I think this case shows wide spread decay of morality and sheer selfishness and greed of Indians in general. Those who saw the murder but kept quiet are cowards and party to the crime. It is defeat of humanity and morality in civilized society. Our leaders- both political and religious should sit down and contemplate what is wrong and what should be done to restore ethics, morality and ancient Indian value system in our country, which have been ravaged in last 60 years. Merely acquitting the accused by court in hurry is not enough. At the same time court should mandatorily direct State to produce real perpetrators or collect more evidence and make the case pending rather than acquitting them in hurry. Such cases should be monitored at IGP level who should be held accountable and the High Court concerned. As they have significant impact on public morale and sense of justice and safety in our society. If getting away from murder is so easy, then why Salmaan is being grilled just for killing a black buck. May be because humans are reproduced in quantities, which we don't want, and the black buck is close to being extinct and more precious than human life and basic tenets of civilsed society?


      We the People of India and the World -

      Drawing upon all the great traditions of justice, fairness and plain decency evolved in the course of human history;

      Upholding the right to life and its perpetuation in all its forms everywhere;

      Resisting with all our might the ongoing assault on human rights, values and liberties by the forces of capital, racism and authoritarianism; and

      Affirming the overwhelming need for a global uprising against the relentless march of US militarism across Planet Earth;

      Hereby charge George W. Bush, the US Government he represents and all its allies around the world with the following (among countless others) crimes against humanity -:

      - Attempting to restore the era of Western colonial rule over the world through devastating violence and systematic looting of resources of weaker nations;

      - Violating and indeed summarily rejecting all known international laws governing relations between countries of the world;

      - Planning, preparing, and waging the supreme crime of a war of aggression in contravention of the United Nations Charter and the Nuremberg Principles.

      - Murdering in cold blood over 200,000 citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan in the first phase of this project of global recolonisation;

      - Targeting civilian populations through indiscriminate use of violence, systematic destruction of infrastructure and collective punishment of cities and towns;

      - Using illegal weapons including napalm, depleted uranium, cluster and white phosphorus bombs against both civilian and combatants in violation of the Geneva Conventions;

      - Using deadly violence against peaceful protestors in the occupied countries;

      - Subjecting Iraqi and Afghani soldiers and civilians to torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment;

      - Obstructing the right to information, in particular through assassination of journalists and deliberate military targeting of media facilities;

      - Willfully devastating the environment, including through use of radioactive material with potential to harm all life forms for centuries to come;

      - Planning the use of nuclear weapons against adversaries such as Iran in the near future;

      - Bribing or bullying developing country governments, such as in India, to become partners in its global crimes;

      - Emerging as the greatest threat to global peace, security and human well being since the advent of the Nazism under Adolf Hitler.

      We solemnly pledge that we will not forget, forgive or rest till we bring the perpetrators of these enormous crimes to justice no matter how long it takes or what efforts it calls for.


      Dear SIR ,

      INDIA: Local police assault an innocent person, make him carry human excreta and register a false case against him

      Name of victim: Mr. Mohanan, son of Chinna, residing at Anappara House, Maleshamangalam, Thiruvilwamala of Thrissur District, Kerala, India

      Alleged perpetrators:

      (1) Mr. Hamsa, Sub-Inspector of Police, Pazayanoor police station, Palakad District, Kerala, India

      (2) Mr. Babu, Police Constable and three other police constables attached to the Pazayanoor police station

      Place of incident: Maleshamangalam, Thiruvilwamala, Palakad District, Kerala, India.

      Date of incident: 10 February 2006

      I am writing to voice my grave concerns about the torture and inhuman treatment of Mr. Mohanan by Sub-Inspector (SI) Hamsa and four other police constables (PCs), including PC Babu, from the Pazayanoor police station.

      According to the information that I have received, Mr. Mohanan, an innocent labourer, was assaulted by these police officers when he questioned why plain-clothed SI Hamsa had shone his flashlight in his face while Mr. Mohanan was helping to drill a bore well. I am shocked by the fact that Mr. Mohanan lost consciousness as a result of the violent beating he received, causing him to urinate and defecate in the police jeep in which he was being transported. I have been informed that Mr. Mohanan was initially going to be forced to eat the excreta in the police jeep and was subsequently forced to clean the jeep with his bare hands.

      It is alleged that following a complaint about the incident that Mr. Mohanan lodged with the higher police authorities, the perpetrators have been transferred and a departmental inquiry has been ordered into the incident. However, it is alleged that the departmental inquiry is likely to exonerate the police officers and therefore deny any possibility for the victim to have his grievances redressed. I am also informed that in order to put pressure upon the victim to withdraw his complaint, the police have also registered a false case against him.

      I therefore call upon you to immediately intervene in this case to make sure that the departmental inquiry currently underway is held in an impartial and prompt manner. The victim must be allowed to present his case as part of the investigation, either in person or through a representative. I also call upon you to independently inquire into the alleged fabrication of a theft charge against the victim and drop it in the absence of valid legal charges against him. I further urge you to suspend the police officers involved in the case from service, pending the completion of the inquiry into this incident. If found guilty of the allegations, the involved police officers should be expelled from the police force and prosecuted for the grave acts they have committed.

      I request you to make sure that the victim is offered the best possible medical assistance to treat his injuries and also to pay the victim an interim compensation for the injuries he has suffered.

      Yours sincerely,



      Dear SIR ,

      INDIA: Continuing human rights violations in Manipur

      Name of the victims:

      (1) Mr. Khundrakpam Lukhoi alias Binodkumar

      (2) Mr. Khundrakpam Debata

      (3) Mr. Khundrakpam Bimol

      (4) Ms. Khundrakpam Sunibala

      (5) Ms. Khundrakpam Abeyai alias Debla

      (6) Ms. Maibam Naobi

      All residents of Imphal East District under the jurisdiction of Yairipok police station, Manipur, India

      (7) Mr. Pechimayum Yaima Singh, son of Mr. Pechimayum Acoubi, residing at Kongpal Khaidem Leikai, Imphal East District, Manipur, India

      (8) Ms. Leimapokpam Bilashini, wife of Mr. L. Praphalo, residing at Kongpal Kshetri Leikai, Imphal East District, Manipur, india

      (9) Mr. Asheibam Nandakumar, son of late Mr. Kriti Singh, Andro Mamang Leikai, Imphal East District, Manipur, India

      Alleged perpetrators: (1) Police Officers from of Commando Unit, Thoubal Police Station

      (2) Officers from the 20 Assam Rifles

      Date of incident: On 31 January, 10 February and 20 February 2006

      Place of incident: Imphal East District, Manipur, India

      I am writing to you to express my concern about the grave and massive human rights violations taking place in Manipur, due to the presence of the 24 Assam Rifles. I am shocked to learn that the locals are under extreme fear due to the atrocities committed by the officers attached to the army.

      I am informed that the officers from the unit on a regular basis molest, arrest, murder and threaten people under the pretext of providing cover and protection to the local police against insurgents. I am shocked to learn about three cases reported recently from Manipur where the army officers have assaulted locals or tortured them.

      It appears that the local police are scared to initiate action against army officers. I am also aware that the army takes refuge under the provisions of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 and that the Act is implemented in Manipur with an absolute lack of civilian oversight.

      Army officers enjoy complete impunity concerning all the atrocities that they commit. I am also informed that there are no practical means by which the atrocities committed by these officers can be challenged in accordance with law.

      I urge you to immediately order an impartial inquiry into the alleged atrocities committed by the armed forces stationed in Manipur. I also urge you to take necessary steps through your office so that the victims receive appropriate compensation and also that the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 is withdrawn forthwith from Manipur or at least its implementation is brought under civilian oversight.

      Yours sincerely,


      Edited , printed , published & owned by NAGARAJ.M.R. @ EWS 190 HUDCO 3RD STAGE , HEBBAL 
      MYSORE - 570016 INDIA
      E-MAIL : 
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