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  • lfsmfl
    God bless you Saint, and greetings in His Name. To follow up on my situation, please pray for me as I look for a new job. I cannot file for unemployment so
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      God bless you Saint, and greetings in His Name. To follow up on my
      situation, please pray for me as I look for a new job. I cannot file
      for unemployment so long as my wife still works- and needs to in
      order to keep the medical benefits for our child in her womb (until I
      find a job to support us both). You know how I was struck by a
      fellow employee, and eventually was fired unjustifiably from the
      hospital I worked for. When I was struck, one of the security
      officers there told me to go to the E.R. and call the police, and
      have myself examined- as was the rules of the hospital; so I did; the
      police never came; furthermore, I was told by several other employees
      that if I call the police, then we'd both get fired. Well,
      yesterday, I received a large bill from them, charging me for the
      E.R. exam and stay. I'm being forced to pay for an exam that was due
      to another fellow officer striking me. I called them and refused to
      pay it. What gets me is that I worked that job as though God was my
      boss, working it to Him, going above and beyond the call of duty. If
      it were not illegal to tape what happened to me, it would prove my
      case beyond a shadow of a doubt. It's like in this society, when
      there's a conflict, it's "Your word against there's", and there's no
      way to prove who is right and wrong. It's like the procedures we are
      told to go through to seek justice in this society seem to be a
      façade. I'm trusting in Jesus with all my heart; I asked for
      encouragement, and I get this bill. I'm really trying to understand
      this. Please pray for me so that I don't have to pay this bill with
      no evil consequences; and pray that I find a job soon. Thank you.
    • lfsmfl
      Dear Saints: Greetings in His Wonderful Name- Jesus. I hope that you are all doing well. I wanted to follow-up to let you know what has been going on with
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        Dear Saints:

        Greetings in His Wonderful Name- Jesus. I hope that you are all
        doing well. I wanted to follow-up to let you know what has been
        going on with me, asking you to continually pray for my wife and I,
        as well as our baby in her womb (my first child ever):

        1) I apologize for not corresponding earlier. For the past
        three weeks I have been in misery with computer techs and repair
        persons. My computer crashed. They wound up erasing all my
        information on my hard drive. I backed up some of the information,
        but not the immediate info that was on it. Consequently, most of all
        the E-mails that I received since September 1, 2003, up to October 6,
        2003, are gone (I didn't have time to save them before my computer
        crashed). Consequently, I had to extract my prayer partners by
        searching old E-mails that I saved before circa September 1, 2003, to
        send this message out to you. It's been a lot of hard work; however,
        I'm finally just about on track;
        2) I'm not sure what to do about my situation (that I have
        requested prayer for previously) yet. I have thoroughly looked into
        many options already; it's really not as simple as most people
        think. Also, my wife still works that the job I was fired from. I
        don't want to do anything, especially if she is still working there.
        Please ask Jesus to give me guidance and peace in this regard;
        3) Tomorrow, my wife and I are going to visit my dad. He
        expressed great happiness (and this is answer from God via the prayer
        from the saints, I believe) about my wife and I having his first
        grandchild. We are going to his house tomorrow for an open house for
        his birthday. We are exited. However, I'm guessing that there may
        be many racist relatives and friends there who may not like my wife
        because of her race. I love her as Jesus Loves the church, and am
        willing to suffer and die for her; …and won't tolerate anything
        negative towards her. Pray that we are lights for Jesus, and that
        His peace abounds there. I very hesitant to associate with all my
        blood relatives outside of my immediate family for this very fact. I
        am offended when anyone uses the "N" word (which was one of the
        reasons that I was persecuted on the job I was fired at). However,
        my dad and his wife (my mother died about 15 years ago; he's married
        again with a son) are very encouraging and adamant that we come- and
        were invited. I'm anticipating God to do something great there.
        Pray that He grants my wife and I the peace of His kingdom with power;
        4) Please pray that our baby is born without any problems or
        infirmities of any kind, and that we find favor in his sight, i.e.
        especially to obtain the grace to raise this baby in the nurture and
        admonition of Him;
        5) Finally, pray that I obtain a good full-time job soon with
        benefits (especially for our baby)- so my wife does not have to work
        anymore for now. I want to take care of my wife and child to be;

        Thank you again so much with all my heart for your prayers; my wife
        and I greatly appreciate them. If you had previously sent us an E-
        mail within the past few weeks, up to October 6, 2003, only if you
        feel led, please send it again if you'd like, especially if you had a
        message or some important information you really wanted me to have.
        God bless you, and pray that I obtain encouragement from Him.

        With all my heart, Ben
      • Just call me Ging for short!:o)
        Dear Ben, My apology for not being able to check this club as often. I was just covered with everything in life. Trying to push all the heavy load aside!
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          Dear Ben,

          My apology for not being able to check this club as often. I was just
          covered with everything in life. Trying to push all the heavy load
          aside! Still working on some tangled situations. But, as long as Iam
          still kicking I must continue to pursue of what I need to be done. I will
          try my very best to work more on this club this week. I thank you
          for keeping in touch of what's going on.

          I am so happy for you for your comming precious bunddle to be. Well
          done brother! Just don't lost hope. Sometimes life is trange at
          time. The things we plan to be its not happenings sometimes.
          Sometimes when we thought we are in the right track, but suddenly God
          would say, "no my child go this way instead!" :) Sometimes God leads
          us in the strange way, but if we hold on to it, we can understand in the
          future why its happening. As humanlike Peter when he was walking on
          the sea, when a big waves come over he thought it was the end of his
          life but just then he felt the hand of Jesus lift Him up and telling
          him "Oh! what a little faith.! Sometimes we felt drawing like Peter;
          When this feelings happening to me,

          I have to isolate myself and think what's went wrong, and I
          would asked the Lord, for wisdom to handle the situations.

          Anyhow, knowing your situation of what they had done to you. Its
          realy hurts me. I am sure Jesus has been hurt too. I am so proud of
          you for you were able to have self control for not striking back at
          the guy. Try this strategy, Asked the LOrd to speak to the guy who
          hit you to help him realized of what he had done was wrong, and
          apologized to you. and also try to analized yourself why he became
          frustrated or angry with you. Because usually people when they are
          angry or frustrated they hit someone. in which its not a good way to
          handle frustration.

          Brother Ben, YOu are the partakers of Jesus sacrifice. Let us
          remember Jesus got spit on his face, got a 30 whips it was inhumane.
          He did all for all of us. So that we will folow as our good
          examples! But still many peoples didn't get this point of what Jesus
          trying to do. Its really hard to forgive our abusers but God can give
          frogiveness in our heart. Its beyond our comprehension. AS what I
          can say, its takes risk to save our others from the dark world.
          Jesus said, Take the cross and follow me.

          It takes a real relationshop with Him to be able to carry our
          crosses in life.
          Well, Ben, I can talk all day here, but my laundry is waiting for me.
          so I need to close this now at the moment.

          I pray that if God's will, he will lead you to find a lawer if someone
          will force you to pay for the check up bills.

          and I will pray for you also that you will find a good job to meet
          your need. Yes, I agree with you, that you need a job so that your
          wife don't need to work while the baby is born and young. You are
          wonderful man Ben, with intigrity and moral value. I can see that.

          And also about your concerned going to the get together with your
          family, please don't worry about that. You did not marry someone to
          please others, its your life and others must respect what you chosed
          in life. If some don't like what you chosed soveit, its their
          problem not yours. But just continue doing what you believe God is
          leading you. Keep up the friendly attitude. and ASk God to help you
          deal with your hurt feelings in Christian way. Well, Ben, I don't
          mean I telling you what to do, but its just giving you a possibility
          how to react when thigns occurs in the gathering.

          Just my view to help you prepare of the situations. Also try, to make
          up some words that they might say to you, then think of the answer
          ahead of time so that when it will happened. You are ready how to
          react to the situations. and also its the best way how to prepare
          the tone of our voice when speaking to then to depend your wife.
          Because it is not the words that we say, but it is what how we say it
          sometimes that makes the situations worse!:)

          ooops! I really need to go !heheehehe
          Bye Ben, Till then and take care Brother!
          Best wishes for you and your famiy.

          Lots of care and prayers,


          "Hope does not take away our problems. It can lift us above them."
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