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Re: Aiki

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  • aysdojo
    I agree with you Chris ... --sm ... no
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      I agree with you Chris ...

      --- In yoshinkan@yahoogroups.com, "maturin.rm" <maturin@r...> wrote:
      > I have, in previous posts, partly defined aiki as the means to
      > dominate an attacker. This was criticised by those who believe
      > aiki is a religious or moral based concept and is based on
      > blending and yielding - a quasi 'turn the other cheek' idea. In
      > budo there are ura and omote aspects to almost everything and
      > in practical terms (omote) aiki is I think about overpowering an
      > attack and defeating an attacker on first contact. I wonder if
      > anyone has any imput on how they understand this
      > 'characteristic feature' of our budo.
      > I would also like to quote from the Jujutsu Kyoju sho Ryu no
      > maki which defines aiki as: "... an impassive state of mind
      > without a blind side, slackness, evil intention or fear. There is
      > difference between Aiki and Ki ai, however if compared, when
      > expressed dynamically Aiki is called Ki ai, and when expressed
      > statically it is called Aiki."
      > Christopher Ross
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