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Aikido Today Magazine Article (Sept/Oct 2000)

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  • Craig Deveau
    Attn: Leslie Mills, I just received the current issue of Aikido Today magazine and in your article titled Women in Yoshinkan Aikido , you stated that there
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2000
      Attn: Leslie Mills,

      I just received the current issue of Aikido Today magazine and in
      your article titled "Women in Yoshinkan Aikido", you stated that
      there are only 2 Yoshinkan dojos in all the world run exclusively by
      women - Karen Orgee (Kingston) and Teddie Linder (Indianapolis).

      Off the top of my head, I think there are at least 2 other women
      who "exclusively" run their own Yoshinkan dojos - Margaret Maplebeck
      (Ottawa Yoshinkai Aikido Club) and Mary-Joan Bradley (Adelaide
      Yoshinkai Aikido, Australia) - somebody please correct me if I'm

      And if you go through the Yoshinkai Dojo Directory at:


      there are a number of female instructors listed, including Sue
      Jeanette (Windsor, Canada), Mrs. Nicolau Jordi (Spain), Evelyn Dysarz
      (Indianapolis, USA), and Donna Gellert (Pennsylvania, USA), to name a

      Overall, I thought it was an interesting article and I appreciate
      your perspective on women in Yoshinkan. I agree with your statement
      when you say that you don't think anyone deliberately weeds out the
      women. From my short experience in Yoshinkan, I have never
      personally witnessed this.

      Do you think that part of the problem lies with attracting more
      female students to begin with? For example, lets say that new male
      students outnumber new female students 10 to 1. I don't know what
      the actual number is, but I'll use that ratio for the sake of
      argument. I think the attrition rate among male students could be
      just as high as it is with females - perhaps even higher. Maybe it's
      just more noticeable when female students drop out. I would be
      interested to hear from other list members with various martial arts
      backgrounds, to see if the experience for women differs in other
      martial arts.

      Anyway, just a few random thoughts as I prepare to enjoy the long


      Craig Deveau
      Aikido Yoshinkai Canada
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