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9313The 22nd International Senshusei Have Graduated

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  • grumpybenjamin
    Mar 1, 2013
      Hello Everyone,

      The 22nd class of the kokusai senshusei program had our graduation ceremony yesterday so I thought I would give a shout-out to the list.

      Our main teachers were Chino Shihan, now dojocho, Noriki Shihan, Nakajima Shihan of the police, and uchideshis Yanagihara Shidoin and Uchikawa Shidoin.

      We were also taught by Oyamada Shihan, Sonoda Shihan, and Kimura Shihan (police) up until the end of December. Shioda Soke briefly taught us before he left the dojo in June and his son Masa Sewanin would occasionally show up in keiko. Romeo Shihandai and Noda Shidoin visited a few times.

      We started with 12 and ended with 8. Of those who graduated, our ages ranged from 18 to 36 and all but one of us were male. 3 of us were foreign and the rest Japanese, although this included one half-filipino and one bilingual. We were almost entirely beginners, except for Oyamada Shihan's son who entered 3rd dan and graduated 4th after spraining his knee in the middle of his final test. Ours was the first year in which Chino Sensei was in charge of the dojo for most of the duration of the course.

      If anyone has any questions about honbu or other details about the course I'd be happy to answer them. Our shaonkai (thank-you party) is in 5 hours so if you reply quickly I might be able to pass something on to the senseis.