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52Chick, Cole, Doe, Fox, Goodwin, Hodgedon, Kimball, Knox,, Lord, Pierce, Rumery

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  • Marshall Brown
    Jan 2, 2008
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      In response to David's request for 2008 goals in York
      County genealogy, here are some of mine - ISO the
      following parents:

      Parents of Priscilla Chick, who was born 1755 in
      Rochester or Kittery and who married Moses Bickford in
      1771 in Dover.

      Parents of Abigail Cole, who was born around 1730,
      died prior to 1800, and who married Jacob Bradbury in

      Parents of Rhoda Doe, who was born around 1770 and who
      married Joseph Fox in Shapleigh on June 5, 1791.

      Parents of Joseph Fox, who was born prior to 1774,
      died between 1820 and 1830, and was living in
      Shapleigh at least 1790-1820.

      Parents of Ada(h) Goodwin, who was born in Lebanon in
      1798 and died prior to 1880, and who married Noah
      Pierce in 1815/1816.

      Parents of Tamsin Hodgedon, who was born 1774 and died
      after 1860, who married John Corson on November 13,
      1794. Is her father Thomas Hodson of Lebanon?

      Parents of Polly Kimball (1775-1855), who married
      Samuel Knox (below). Samuel and Polly were living in
      Limerick 1800, 1810, and in Buxton 1820.

      Parents of Samuel Knox (1766-1851), who was born
      probably in Dover. Samuel and Polly (Kimball) were
      living in Limerick 1800, 1810, and in Buxton 1820.
      Samuel and Polly had son Samuel (1798-1877), born
      possibly in Cornish and living in Limerick in 1820 and
      then moved to Chatham NH. Grandson was Simeon Pease
      Knox (1831-1918), who was born in Limerick. Any
      thoughts on where "Pease" came from would also be
      highly appreciated.

      Parents of Betsy Lord, born February 14, 1740 in South
      Berwick, who married Aaron Corson and lived in

      Parents of Noah Pierce, born 1802, died before 1880,
      who married Ada(h) Goodwin. He was living in Lebanon
      by 1840.

      Parents of Edward Rumery, who married Sarah Durrell in
      York County in 1724/1725.

      I am also following some of these lines in Oxford
      County and in central and southeast NH. I would
      appreciate any information that any of our members
      might have on these lines, would welcome inquiries as
      well, and wishing all of you success in 2008.

      Marshall Brown

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