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34New Genealogy E-Magazine: Digital Genealogist

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  • David Sylvester
    Aug 1, 2006
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      New Genealogy E-Magazine: Digital Genealogist

      The following is an announcement from Liz Kelley Kerstens:

      Ancestry has discontinued its magazine Genealogical Computing,
      effective with the July/August/September 2006 issue that is currently
      in the mail. As editor of GC for the past nearly seven years, I still
      believe there's a need for a magazine devoted to genealogy and
      technology. To that end, I am starting my own magazine later this
      year. It will be called Digital Genealogist and will be delivered to
      subscribers as a PDF. It will be similar in format and content to
      Genealogical Computing. In fact, a lot of the authors and columnists
      will continue to write for me in the new publication, including Drew
      Smith, popular Cybrarian columnist. The first issue of Digital
      Genealogist will be sent out via PDF attachment to subscribers in
      November 2006.

      More at