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30Re: [YorkCountyFamilies] MARK MANSON; of Kittery, Me

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  • Gail Veve
    Jul 14, 2006
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      The Bellers <bbeller@...> wrote:

      This is a lengthy email but I hope it offers something interesting or helpful. There are no other marriages listed for Mark in the book I have. However, the fact that you are looking for a Kittery person immediately leads me to look at two other books. One is called "Saco Valley Settlements and their Families" Here are Page 902-903. This is all they have on the Manson Family, which doesn't help you.

      Manson Family. This surname is a contraction of the Scandinavian patronymic Magnusson, and is common in the Orcadian and Shetland Isles from whence the New England Mansons, called Scotchmen, came. Persons of this name were of Kittery, previous to 1694, and that year BENJAMIN MANSON was a representative to the General Court from that town. From Kittery GEORGE, JOHN, and MARK MANSON removed to the plantation of Little Ossipee, now Limington, before 1790, and their descendants, some of them, lived there. John Manson, a son of George, of Limington, settled in Effingham, N. H., about 1800; served in the war of 1812; was a drover, and when peace was declared was in Brighton with a large herd, and in consequence of sudden fall in prices lost heavily. He was said to be a sociable and agreeable man; twice married. He removed to Eaton, about 1820, and the place of settlement was known as "Manson's hill." He was deacon of the Baptist church; had eleven children. His sons
      BENJAMIN and MARK were Free Baptist ministers. JACOB, son of John, born in Eaton, Feb. 11, 1828, remained there until 1839; was a drover, farmer, and trader; collector of taxes, selectman, and representative two years. He was county treasurer two years; engaged in woolen manufacturing at Effingham Falls in 1863; merchant eleven years; removed to Ossipee and took charge of county farm in 1874
      Stephen Manson removed from Limington to Waterford, Me., where he and wife lived with their son FREEMAN in old age. He was a man of quiet habits, peaceable and honest. Freeman was a carpenter, and learned his trade of Nicholas Manson, at Moderation Mills; now living in Norway; twice married and has issue. Nicholas Manson, I think born in Kittery, came to Moderation as early as 1850, and built a house on the river road above the saw-mills. He married a Clark and had four children: GEORGE, CHARLES, JOHN, and ELIZABETH. Mr. Manson was an excellent mechanic, but devoted his time latterly to farming. His elder brother JOSEPH lived several years at Moderation. By the death of a brother in California, these families became invested with considerable money.

      The other book is Old Kittery and Her Families:
      Pages 685-686 has the following:
      23. John, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Deed) Remick, was a carpenter. He moved to Milton, N. H., in 1799. Married 14 Jan. 1773, Susanna, dau. of Abner and Patience (Spinney) Cole. He died 25 June 1826. MARY b. 30 Jan. 1775. ELIZABETH b. 20 March 1777; m. Charles Stevens of Eliot. SUSANNA b. 21 Jan. 1779. Unm. PATIENCE b. 7 March 1781; m. 27 Nov. 1802, Mark Manson; d. 23 May 1875.
      JOHN D. b. 3 Aug. 1782; d. 24 June 1864 in Jefferson, N. H. SALLY b. 29 Dec. 1785; d. 12 Feb. 1855. APPHIA b. 29 Sept. 1789; d. 9 June 1847. WILLIAM b. 16 May 1792.
      Page 603 has a write up about the Mansons:
      MANSON. Richard Manson of Portsmouth bought land at Ox Point, Kittery, in 1680, and sold it to his son John and wife Lydia in 1701. Samuel Manson witnessed the deed. Alfred E. Manson of Boston is said to have a full genealogy of the Manson family. Several letters have failed to elicit any reply from him. The records of the family are very meager in Kittery. The following children of John and Lydia Manson are recorded. ANNE b. 21 June 1703. JOHN b. 28 May 1705; m. Anne (???). Son Richard b. 28 April 1741.
      Gail, since none of this helps you significantly, I have to ask if you live close to a Family History Center. My next suggestion would be to order the clerk's records from them and view them. Here is the link to what you would need to order:
      It is a microfilm of the original clerk's records from Kittery. The film rental is $5.50 and you have 3 weeks to view it once it comes in. It usually takes 3 weeks to get the film. I have used our Family History Center many times and the volunteers there have helped me learn how to order, use their equipment, and how to search for what I need. I highly recommend them. The FHL film number on this in 11322. The vital records contained on there are Kittery 1699-1899. It not a guarantee because, if for some reason the clerk of Kittery didn't record the births, then you still won't get an answer.
      One other place online that you can search and may not be aware of is the Online Collections of BYU. The Church of Latter Day Saints is digitizing it's collection of books. (No, I'm not Mormon). Look in the Brown genealogy for starters. Try this link:
      If that doesn't work for some reason, try this one:
      http://www.lib.byu.edu/fhc/ and then you'll need to put in "Manson" and "Kittery" for your search criteria.
      My thoughts are that there are two distinct Mark Manson's living at the same time. There is the Mark that is born 24 Feb 1772, son of William and then there is Mark born 7 Mar 1781 in Kittery, son of unknown. The second is the one you seek. The first marries 12 Aprl 1792, Catherine Cox. The second marries 27 Nov 1802 Patience Remick.
      Sorry, this is soooo long but I hope I have helped you.

      I don't mind long emails esp when they clarify or confirm some of the information I already had. So no need for appologies. As far as I am thinking, I don't think that the Mark MANSON born in 1772 who married Catherine COX is my line. I am pretty sure that the Mark MANSON who married Patience REMICK IS MY LINE. What was confusing at first is that Mark MANSON has the same birth date (month, day and year) as his wife. Also, one of the emails I have goten had conflicting information, including the list of children for both MARK MANSONs. So I am sure that they were taking liberties in "possiblities" for the MARK MANSON family.
      Did you get my previous email? In it I propose and ask some clarification in certain areas. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think. My cousing has sent for the marriage certificate of Mark MANSON and Patience REMICK, and we hope that it will give us the names of Mark's parents. We know that Patience REMICK is the daughter of John REMICK and Susanna COLE, and that JOHN REMICK is the son of Benjamin REMICK and Elizabeth DEED. ANd that Mark and Patience's daughter Charlotte married Andrew REMICK, also a descendant ot Benjamin REMICK and Elizabeth DEED. But I need to confirm if Mark MANSON's dad was really Thomas MANSON the son of Joseph MANSON, the son of John MANSON and LYDIA, and John the son of Robert and Esther!!!!! OR---IS there a listing for a second marriage by Mark MANSON? Do you have any info on that possibility? Gail
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