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25Re: Investigating today's dips in connectivity

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  • postmaster.team
    Mar 4, 2010
      Things are back to normal, folks. Connectivity stabilized at ~11:30am PST. We hope no one was terribly inconvenienced.

      Best regards,

      Yahoo! Mail

      --- In ymailadmin@yahoogroups.com, "postmaster.team" <postmaster.team@...> wrote:
      > We're seeing intermittent connectivity issues across our yahoo.com MXes starting early this morning.
      > If you are suddenly seeing queues to Yahoo! Mail, please stay tuned for updates and please refrain (at least for now) from contacting our Postmaster team about any deferral issues you started experiencing today. We're doing our best to get this resolved ASAP.
      > Thanks for your patience,
      > Carlo
      > Yahoo! Mail
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