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10Delivery issues to Yahoo! Mail on 12/23/2008

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  • postmaster_updates
    Dec 24, 2008
      Hi all,

      At around 12:30 PM PST this Tuesday (12/23), we suffered significant
      connectivity issues on our MXes for yahoo.com and our other domains.
      As we worked furiously to get our MTAs back to their normal state, we
      were unavoidably deferring a lot of inbound SMTP connections from mail
      servers trying to deliver messages to our users. We eventually were
      able to stabilize our connectivity levels at around 3 PM PST.

      We apologize for any delivery delays senders may have experienced
      during this time. In the future, by posting to this group, we hope to
      provide you timely(ier) updates that may impact your sending ability
      to our users.

      Thank you,

      The Yahoo! Mail Postmaster team