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Re: [yellowspringshavurah] FW: Letter to Antioch

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  • Celia Diamond
    Hi. Thanks for the update. I would be for helping financially as a Havurah with the building insulation, provided we are sure that our relationship with the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 29, 2010
      Hi.  Thanks for the update.  I would be for helping financially as a Havurah with the building insulation, provided we are sure that our relationship with the Friends will continue in the long term.
      Back from travels and hoping to see you all on Aug. 7,
      - Celia

      On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 8:56 AM, Toni Dosik <tdosik@...> wrote:


      This is the first of two emails that I received from Cheryl Keen regarding
      Rockford. The first, below, is a copy of a letter to the Acting President
      of Antioch regarding the lease.

      The second, which is on its way, is about the plans and costs related to
      insulating Rockford.

      We might want to consider what financial role we could play in helping
      accomplish the latter.


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      From: cheryl keen <cheryl.keen@...>
      Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 20:28:26 -0700 (PDT)
      To: 'Veronica Frost <eclectictwelve@...>, toni dosik
      Subject: Letter to Antioch

      Hi Veronica, can you forward this to Matt Durr and the two lawyers, via
      email? I don't have the email addresses.

      Toni, we wanted Havurah members to know what we are up to in our
      correspondence with the College.

      Matthew Derr
      Antioch College
      Yellow Springs OH

      Dear Matthew,

      The Yellow Springs Friends Meeting has decided to move forward in making
      changes to Rockford Chapel in order to reduce our impact on the environment.
      We plan to borrow funds to insulate the walls of Rockford Chapel. In taking
      this major step, we find that we are not comfortable with the lease
      situation between Antioch College and the Yellow Springs Religious Society
      of Friends, and would appreciate feeling more secure in that relationship,
      particularly as we move forward with insulating Rockford.

      Why do we want a new lease? We believe that Antioch University violated the
      conditions of our lease when they shut down the steam power plant, as
      mentioned in Section 7 of the existing lease. In so doing, Section 10A was
      then violated since we had to install and pay for our own heating system, as
      well as install a new electric service, and are now responsible for all of
      our utility costs. These include the water, sewer, gas and electric costs
      that were formerly paid for by the University. The lease was broken by
      Antioch University in the above-mentioned sections as well as others.

      In meeting with you last February, we believed that this was understood by
      the College and that correcting these sections and others in a new lease, as
      suggested by you and agreed upon by us, would be an easy solution. It has
      been distressing to discover that the Antioch College attorneys do not agree
      with that assessment.

      As such, we believe that a totally new lease is necessary and hope our
      attorneys or ourselves can talk about the proposed lease. We also hope a
      member of our Meeting¹s ad hoc committee could be present to clarify the
      history and the intent of desired changes.


      Ad Hoc members

      Veronica Frost, Cheryl Keen, Carl Hyde, Dan Beverly, Paul Wagner

      CC: Lee Korland
      Don Mayer
      Yellow Springs Havurah Community, Toni Dosik

      Cheryl Keen
      Yellow Springs, Ohio

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