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  • Antonia Dosik
    All, I have been a subscriber to Steve and Mary s website/program since we met them at High Holidays. I enjoy reading about their work which combines the the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2014

      I have been a subscriber to Steve and Mary's website/program since we met them at High Holidays.  I enjoy reading about their work which combines the the spirit of Judaism and Christianity in an engaging and meaningful way.

      I just received this message and Len and I have sent a donation.

      I wanted to pass it on to the Havurah as a group for two reasons.  One, some of you might want to make individual gifts and I wanted your thoughts on sending a gift from the Havurah as a whole -- say $75.

      What are you thoughts?


      Begin forwarded message:

      From: The Song and Spirit Community <songandspirit@...>
      Subject: We Need YOUR Help
      Date: April 9, 2014 10:07:51 AM EDT

      After Three Years, We Need Your Immediate Help

      To make a one-time donation, click here

      To make a monthly pledge
      click HERE
       peace salaam shalom

      Three years. Still standing.
      It is phenomenal. With no paid support staff, no development staff or administrative coordinator, Song and Spirit, for three years, has relied upon the generous donations of our friends and supporters. That we are still here, doing the work of peace, justice and spiritual renewal is a testament to YOU, and to the grace of God.

      We are at a crossroads.
      Simply stated, Song and Spirit needs to raise $30,000 within the next three weeks just to keep the roof over our heads for the coming year.

      Outreach. Inreach.
      As we receive support we have been able to:
      * Offer outreach to the poor and disadvantaged of all ages.
      * Offer inreach to spiritual seekers of all faiths.
      * Create, write, and perform concerts, classes, workshops, seminars, presentations and services.
      * We partner with synagogues, churches, mosques, temples and interfaith groups.
      * We feed the hungry and comfort the poor -- both in body and spirit.

      Together our volunteers log thousands of hours each year at the Institute, making mosaic tiles, preparing SnackPax, sorting warm clothing, selling at art shows, prepping for workshops, gardening, cooking, filing, emailing, setting up and tearing down concerts, and more. These volunteers are our lifeblood. 

      The donations, grants and volunteer support we have received have brought us this far, but because of the great need to which we have been responding, we must strengthen our support to be sustainable as we move forward. The first step is to raise enough money within the next three weeks to continue to house what we have built. We also need to raise funds to support our programs, and to supplement the income currently received from interfaith programs, classes and worship experiences, participation in the Garden and Art-in-Action. We need the help of donors and grantors for these programs and for the thousands of cups of coffee and hot chocolate, the hand warmers, caps and gloves, and the children's SnackPax we hand out every week, and we need to generate sufficient income to pay the expenses on the building which houses the Institute for Peace and the Duns Scotus Friary.

      We need your help.
      Certainly, the success of this emergency appeal is the minimum we need to keep alive this worthy endeavor of creative outreach, community and spiritual entertainment in the service of interfaith cooperation and love. Already we have received initial donations of $7,000 and are well on our way. We deeply appreciate your generosity over the past three years and we ask you today to invest in this one-of-a-kind adventure that is Song and Spirit. Your financial contribution in this time of need will provide the first step our new Board needs to begin to develop long-term sustainability, and free our founders to focus on the relevant, unique and spirit-filled programming that is having such a big impact in metro-Detroit and beyond.

      Outreach. Inreach. No one is doing it better than Brother Al, Maggid Steve and Mary. Let's show them just how much their efforts mean to you, this community, indeed, the world.

      We promise to be good stewards of your investment.

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      TWS | 13740 Sherwood | Oak Park | MI | 48237

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