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The Hashlamah Project: A Local Jewish Non-Profit NEEDS Your Help!

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  • Micah Naziri
    Dear Fellow Dayton Area Jews, First of all, I apologize for sending you an unsolicited email. As annoying as such emails are, those that ask for donations are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2013
      Dear Fellow Dayton Area Jews,

      First of all, I apologize for sending you an unsolicited email. As annoying as such emails are, those that ask for donations are often times even worse... So I doubly apologize.

      My name is Micah David Naziri. My wife and I have four amazing boys who attend Beth Abraham's religious school. But more to the point, I am in the middle of a doctoral program at Antioch University where my research is geared towards innovative, grassroots approaches to peace and reconciliation (hashlamah) in the Israel-Palestine conflict(s). More generally, my work is aimed at Jewish and Muslim dialog and reconciliation on a global scale.

      Much of the work I am doing deals with scholarship on the psychological barriers towards enacting changes we already might wish to implement, what Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey call "Immunity to Change." Other aspects of the work involve a more historical study of Jewish and Sufi (the mystics of Islam) interaction in the medieval era, in regions like Andalusia, North Africa and the Yemen. It also involves organizing study circles (currently almost two dozen globally), that literally bring Jews and Muslims together for dialog and prayer.

      Surprising though it may sound, THIS IS WORKING.

      As an outgrowth of this research I have started the Hashlamah Project Foundation, which became officially registered as a non-profit organization this May. Local chapters and associated study circles are being termed "Hashlamah Project Study Circles" and have been highly successful so far.

      Okay, okay, that's great, but why am I bothering you with this?

      As irritating as it is, I'll be blunt... We are working on proposals for government grants, but before anything like that ever comes to fruition, we need donations from people like you. We have some hopeful prospects for government grants involving Israel and Palestine issues, but it will be some time before funding from such sources is certain.

      For this research to continue, and for the Hashlamah Project Foundation (and the Hashlamah Project Study Circles) to grow through the workshops being requested by global chapters, we need funding from generous donors like you. I understand that many of us are in a hard place financially right now, and I can only offer you thanks, and prayers for your continued success, for your generosity. This will pay off in terms of Tiqqun `Olam, even if it is not the easiest financial climate for receiving an email soliciting donations.

      If there is ANY amount that you can afford, please consider. Checks can be mailed to:

      The Hashlamah Project
      P.O. Box 622
      Yellow Springs, OH 45387

      Electronic donations via PayPal or Jewcer Fundraising can be made as well. Please include who you would like a receipt made out to, along with the full address for it to be mailed.

      Shalom, Salaam, Peace.

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