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Re: [yellowspringshavurah] Oneg sponsor database

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  • nance parent
    Kudos go out to you Suzanne. What a great idea to include this on the list serve. Happy eating, and happy Shabbat for now and the future!
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 12, 2013
      Kudos go out to you Suzanne.
      What a great idea to include this on the list serve. Happy eating, and happy Shabbat for now and the future!

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      This is AWESOME, thanks so much for doing this Suzanne!

      Cheryl B. Levine, Psy.D.
      Positive Perspectives, Inc.  
      Clinical and Consulting Psychologist, Partner 

      1130 Vester Avenue, Suite C
      Springfield, OH 45503 

      680 E. Dayton Yellow Springs Road
      Fairborn, OH 45324 

      937.390.3804 (fax)

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      Subject: [yellowspringshavurah] Oneg sponsor database

      Hello, everyone-

      As you may recall, during our annual meeting we decided that we would do our best to have at least one substantially supplemented meal for the vegetarian/dairy potluck following services. We thought if we aimed for supplementing the first service of the month this year we would see how it goes. If successful, we can add sponsorship for both the first and third services next year (or later this year).

      The idea is if everyone takes one month to sponsor an oneg, it won't be a burden on any one person, and our potlucks will be greatly enhanced. January and February's services were supplemented by Toni and Len, and Steve and Cheryl (bagel and lox). Oneg (which comes from the Hebrew meaning "joy, delight, pleasure"). Many people sponsor an oneg to honor a special occasion - however, Oneg Shabbat is reason enough to celebrate - the pleasure of Shabbat!

      There is a new database in our yellowspringshavurah Yahoo group listserve to sign up to bring something substantial to feed at least 10 people. You don't have to get fancy or pay for catering - just bring something that is more than a side dish or dessert that would be considered a main meal. The bagel and lox tray has been pretty successful - but other ideas have been quiche, soup, lasagna, etc.

      The sign up sheet includes a space for dish if you have an idea of what you will bring. The rest of us can plan side dishes accordingly.

      There is also a space for notes, just in case you want to convey any additional information to the group.

      Let me know what you think - the next sign-up is for March 2nd, but you can sign up as far in advance as you like.

      Any questions, let me know - any suggestions, let me know that, too!

      The database link is on the left-hand side menu once you sign into the yellowspringshavurah yahoo group. Click on Database, and it will take you to the D'var Torah and Trope database as well as the Oneg.

      All the best,


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