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  • Elliot Gaines
    Shalom havurim, Writing from Lake Tanganyika. Amazing experience. We are living right on the lake which is very beautiful, tropical with all the good and bad
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2011
      Shalom havurim,
        Writing from Lake Tanganyika.  Amazing experience.  We are living right on the lake which is very beautiful, tropical with all the good and bad of the climate and a developing country.  ( I can't believe it but they burn all the trash including plastic every night--the air is often horrible, plus the local power generator burns diesel just across the road making noise and fouling the air).  Great tropical fruit, but the rest of the food is mediocre at best.  Between the bad food, the heat, and diving most days, (not to mention a bad reaction to malarone anti malaria drug which makes my stomach queasy, so I get sick on the boat often), I am losing some weight.  The diving is really cool though; the water is very clear and there are over 300 varieties of tropical fish, and lots of them.  Getting great video and photos.  Check out my face book and my colleague Len's blog about the project : http://tanzania-lkenyon.blogspot.com/      I have one entry and one photo, but he's posted many photos including fish and us diving and the local people and sites.
        Anyway, I have been taking some great photos. Took the train across the country and it was supposed to take 2 days and nights, but took 5 days!  Filthy and hot, but pretty fascinating.  Got some great photos of the country and the people as we stopped at every little village along the way.
        They call me Bobu here, which means grandfather, and most days I am feeling it.  My white beard sticks out and little children started calling me Bobu in a very sweet way.  I am learning a little Swahili.  Tomorrow we are meeting Jane Goodall and attending a big party in her honor!  I walked into the Jane Goodall Institute down the road and introduced myself, and got us all invited.  Then Monday were are taking a boat to Gombe national park where Goodall studied the chimps.  We will have two days with a guide.  It will be a nice break from the work routine (even though its pretty cool to get up early everyday and get the scuba and science gear out on the lake).  We are also arranging for a big game safari just before we fly back. 
        Well, its really late here (but the internet is sort of working, so I want to take advantage of that), but I need to get some sleep.  We get up every morning at 6 a.m. before the sun.

      With love,

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