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814Re: [yellowspringshavurah] FW: News about decision to insulate Rockford Chapel

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  • Cheryl Levine
    Aug 4, 2010
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      I've been sitting on this (it's still in my inbox)--do we need to meet?  Has anyone gotten back to the Friends on this?

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      Subject: [yellowspringshavurah] FW: News about decision to insulate Rockford Chapel
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      Subject: News about decision to insulate Rockford Chapel

      Toni, please pass the word,
      > The Yellow Springs Friends have been discussing, during
      > Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business, making some
      > energy-saving changes to the main meeting room and library.
      > We have reached a decision, in principle, to move forward
      > with the suggested changes but wanted to make sure everyone
      > was aware of the thinking behind this decision since it
      > involves a considerable amount of money and a period of
      > remodeling upheaval.
      > As most of you know, Friends assumed complete financial
      > responsibility for Rockford¹s heating costs last year.
      > Since then Havurah has taken on sharing the costs. We
      > estimate that yearly heating costs for the main meeting room
      > and library will be close to $2000/year. Upon evaluation, we
      > realize that our beloved brick walls are virtually
      > non-insulated and our windows have very little insulating
      > value.
      > We have agreed to move forward to replace our windows with
      > windows similar in look to the existing double-hung windows.
      > Before doing this, we will need to insulate the walls to at
      > least an R-13 value. This can be accomplished by removing
      > the woodwork, putting studs in, shooting foam into the
      > cavities and then dry-walling and replacing the woodwork and
      > heaters. This action will decrease the size of the room by
      > about eight inches in width and in length.
      > The estimated cost for this remodeling is $35,000.00. Our
      > hopes are to seek donations from those who love Rockford
      > Chapel and then to seek a low-interest loan for the
      > remainder. It is estimated that the decrease in heating
      > costs would allow the cost of the changes to be recaptured
      > during or before the lifetime of any loan.
      > The Ad Hoc Committee wanted to make everyone aware of these
      > decisions. Nothing has been finalized and we are open for
      > questions and comments. Feel free to contact any of the
      > below listed names with your comments.
      > There are two reasons for insulating the space. The obvious
      > one is financial - the desire to save the money of the
      > Meeting¹s members and friends. The equally important one
      > relates to our Quaker testimonies-specifically that of
      > ³taking care of Mother Earth².  New windows and
      > insulation will reduce our usage of electricity, and thereby
      > reduce our impact on Earth¹s finite resources. The
      > College¹s architect has encouraged us to continue with
      > these plans, as they fit with Antioch¹s hopes to make the
      > buildings on campus as efficient as possible.
      > Again, please feel free to contact any of the below with
      > questions or comments. This letter is being paper-mailed to
      > those without email addresses.
      > Sincerely,
      > Carl Hyde         
      >        767-3571   
      > carlhyde@...
      > Cheryl Keen       
      > 767-8486    cheryl.keen@...   
      > Dan Beverly       
      > 767-2586    dan.beverly@...
      > Paul Wagner       
      > 767-8021   
      > Veronica Frost       
      > 864-5360    eclectictwelve@...

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