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3Annual Meeting Minutes

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  • Stephen Green
    Aug 17, 2006
      8-6-06 Yellow Springs Havurah Annual Meeting Minutes
      1) Review of Havurah Membership and Finances:
      At the time of the meeting we had 33 members who had paid and completed the 2006 membership form.
      The Havurah has $7,440.18 in checking and savings accounts.
      Income since 9-1-2005 was $2,500.27. Expenses were $1,779.96.
      2) Update on Liturgy Committee activities:
      We have been holding services consistently on the first and third Saturday of each month. These services have been well attended.
      This year we are planning High Holiday services for Erev Rosh Hashanah (Friday September 22nd at 7:30 pm), Tashlich (Septhember 24th  at 6:00 pm), Kol Nidre  (Sunday October 1st at 7:30 PM) and Yom Kippur break fast (Monday October 2nd at 7:30 PM).
      Work on a Yellow Springs Havurah prayerbook is moving along well. We have purchased software to allow us to type and combine Hebrew and English text. In many cases we are planning to have Hebrew, English transliteration and English translation.
      3) Palestinian Minyan
      A Palestinian minyan consists of 7 people. This discussion was held to review the Jewish legal position on reading the torah with fewer than 10 people present. After reviewing the positions of various rabbis and discussing what could be implemented and what the effects would be, the general consensus was that we should focus our efforts on assuring a ten person minyan instead of allowing a 7 person minyan.
      4) Review of organizational modifications proposed at 10-30-05 Steering Committee meeting
      At the 10-30-05 steering committee meeting we proposed that the steering committee would be comprised of a coordinator, the heads of any standing committees and people who have a strong interest in a particular aspect of the Havurah.
      There were no objections to these modifications. The changes would essentially formalize and document the way that the Havurah has been functioning. Changes will require modification or amendment to the by-laws and as such, a formal revision of the by-laws will be officially distributed for comments.
      5) Decision on transitioning from the current listserv to Yahoo Groups.
      There were no objections to this change. Information will continue to be posted to both the listserv and Yahoo groups for the time being.
      It was suggested that we should make links between our Yahoo Groups page and collections of resources and organizations in Yellow Springs.
      6) Rapid Decisionmaking process:
      The suggested process was reviewed and agreed to with no objections:
      Any decision which was needed quickly and was in compliance with the stated purpose of the Havurah could be made by agreement of 3 members of the steering committee.

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