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1845Ohio Voters' Bill of Rights

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  • Larry Turyn
    Apr 25, 2014

      Hello Everyone,

      I will collect signatures for the "Ohio Voters' Bill of Rights" amendment petition.  Saturday, April 26, from about 
      1:30 - 3 pm, I will probably be in front of the YS Senior Citizens' Center in beautiful downtown Yellow Springs, unless it's raining.

      The amendment would do things such as guaranteeing 35 days of early voting, guaranteeing early voting the 
      weekend before the election, and not allowing the Ohio Secretary of State to forbid county boards of election 
      from mailing to all registered voters an application form to get an absentee ballot.  More information can be found at  http://ohiovbr.com/?page_id=2 .

      Some history:  Early voting and absentee balloting availability has reduced the crazy long waits on lines Ohioans have sometimes had to do, particularly for Presidential Elections.  After the introduction of early voting, county boards of elections reduced the number of polling places people can go to vote on election day.  Now, the government of Ohio has attempted to reduce the number of days early voting is allowed and to forbid mailing to all registered voters an application form to get an absentee ballot, without increasing the number of polling places.  So, at the least, the Ohio Voters' Bill of Rights would help to avoid the trainwreck of people standing in line for 5 hours in order to vote.

      Larry Turyn

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