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1782Re: [yellowspringshavurah] Services this Saturday - volunteers needed

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  • Suzanne A. Smailes
    Dec 4, 2013
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      It looks like all 3 are open, so take your pick!

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      I would be happy to read some of the verses from the chumash. Let me know which and I will practice it Thursday and/or Friday.

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      Stephen said he would do the
      d'var!(No, really!) 😊-c

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      Hello, everyone- We will be having our regularly
      scheduled services this coming Saturday. We need some
      volunteers to read/chant Torah, prepare a d'var
      Torah and for someone to bring a challah/bread. 
      Now is your chance to try something you may not ordinarily
      do! The Torah reading is:
      Genesis 44:18-45:27
      Genesis 44:18-20
      /Genesis 44:21-23/
      Genesis 44:24-26/ I am not going to be there for
      services, but I will come at 9:30 to help set up.  I hope everyone enjoys their
      very bright menorahs tonight! Suzanne  

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