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1772Re: [yellowspringshavurah] Thoughts about Chanukah and Peace from another listserv....

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  • Larry Turyn
    Nov 26, 2013
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      Larry Turyn


      Hi All,Someone from another listserv I
      am on (World House Choir) posted these thoughts from a
      customer of hers and I thought they were beautiful and worth
      passing on.
      "I imagine all or
      most of us understand the history of Hanukkah. I'd like
      to take a moment to look at it in the context of today's
      world and recognize its continued relevancy. This
      occasion celebrates the first triumph for religious freedom
      in the ancient history of the world. Although the holiday
      celebrates the military victory of the Maccabees we can also
      examine its significance by stressing the spiritual
      dimension of that revolt. Military battles come and go
      throughout history, but it is the triumph of the human
      spirit that matters most when it comes to the evolution of
      humankind. Hanukkah should signify something other than
      just military proficiency. The relevance of Hanukkah is
      especially poignant as we look at today's
      challenges. Hanukkah reminds us that the real
      battlefields lie in the hearts and souls of people. No
      military force-regardless of its size or strength can
      conquer that spirit. In our battle against global
      terrorism and religious extremism, it is important to
      remember that wars must be fought not only with weapons, but
      with ideas and ideals. Physically destroying an enemy may
      have negligible value, but fighting backward ideas with
      progressive ideas that champion the dignity of all people
      will ultimately yield a victory everyone can savor. In 1776
      Mr. Jefferson penned that our basic human rights of
      life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are those granted
      by G-d, not by man. We understand that and are fortunate for
      that. However, as we all know, in so many places of the
      world that is simply not the
      case. So on
      this Hanukkah celebration as we pause to light our menorahs
      and sing the songs of the Holiday with family and
      friends we should remember that the miracle of
      Hanukkah represents a fight that still exists
      in our world today and we must never forget
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