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1769A Prayer for a Unique Moment

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  • Cheryl Levine
    Nov 21, 2013
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      A Prayer for a Unique Moment


      Eat, enjoy, be nourished.
      Savor the fullness and be satisfied.
      Give thanks for the myriad of blessings.
      — Deuteronomy 8:10

      As we gather for Thanksgiving this year, we also remember the Chanukah story of the rededication of the Holy Temple. In our own day, Chanukah reminds us that the mystery of life dwells, not in a single place, but within every person, tree, plant and animal, in every rock, field, fish and stream, in every crack and crevice of creation.
      Like the Chanukah lamps, all of us are sacred vessels, formed and shaped so the One light can shine
      through us into the world. And for that, we give thanks. 

      On this first day of Chanukah, as we also gather for Thanksgiving, let us offer gratitude for the beauty
      and wonder of creation. And let us name, if only to ourselves, some of the things that we are blessed to
      see and experience in the world we share. 

      As this Thanksgiving day becomes evening, let us kindle two small Chanukah lights to help us see our
      vulnerabilities, fears and pain as well as our strengths, joys, love and beauty. And let us name, if only to
      ourselves, the many gifts that we have received this year, and the ones we have given to others. 

      May these be the miracles of Chanukah: That all of us are valued for who we are. That all of us are able to live
      with dignity and share the great bounty of the earth. May the full spectrum of our own light, and that of others, shine
      into the world. And may we rededicate ourselves to act for the well-being of all creation. 

      Blessed is the Mystery 
      that brings forth bread from the earth.

      Blessed is the Mystery 
      that calls us into connection 
      and lifts up our awareness 
      through the flames of the Chanukah lights.

      Blessed is the Mystery 
      that brings forth miracles in every moment. 

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