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1731Re: [yellowspringshavurah] Thanks and Things to Do for the HH

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  • Leonard Kramer
    Sep 4, 2013
      Re: [yellowspringshavurah] Thanks and Things to Do for the HH Great!  I would expect 15-20 people, so maybe 20 or 2 dozen?  Do we still need cream cheese?

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      Date: 04 Sep 2013 12:20:57 -0700
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      Subject: RE: Re: [yellowspringshavurah] Thanks and Things to Do for the HH


      Siffs will bring bagels, etc.! How many?

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        Re: [yellowspringshavurah] Thanks and Things to Do for the HH   We can bring lox for break-fast if someone else will bring bagels, cream cheese, etc.


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      The schedule for the services was already run in last week’s paper – I asked them to run it through Yom Kippur, which I assume they will do.
      Break-fast arrangements?  I will order 2 quiches from Current Cuisine – is that enough? anything else? Bagel and lox plate?

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      We'll do the flowers.


      Ad in the paper??


      Toni and Len


      On Aug 27, 2013, at 9:39 PM, Cheryl Levine <clevineys@...> wrote:



      Josh and Sam and David are practicing up for Erev Rosh Hashana--thanks so much for that!!

      Still need to meet with Elliot for his essential part...

      We need to order flowers (2 large bouquets) of blue and white flowers for both evenings...

      is anyone up for that?

      I'm swamped!! And leaving again this weekend, oy! So taking my materials with me

      to practice in Chicago...

      Anything else we need to do??





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