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1729RE: [yellowspringshavurah] Yahoo Formats and Database

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  • Suzanne A. Smailes
    Sep 4, 2013

      I will do 7-9, but I am going to read it from the book – I can’t read that script in just 3 days practice!




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      I will take Deut 32:4-6 for Sat.

      Any takers for 7-9?




      On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 11:12 AM, Leonard Kramer <lenkramer@...> wrote:


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      Yahoo has changed the format of their Groups pages and changed the formats of their databases.  This has resulted in a database that is not usable for our chanting and D’var Torah volunteers.  I have attached a .pdf version of the triennial readings for this week and the upcoming year (5774).  I don’t know if the attachment will come through.  We may have to find another way to share this information.

      Selections and volunteers (so far) for the next 2 services are:

      Saturday, Sep 7: Deuteronomy 32:1-3/Len
                                  Deuteronomy 32:4-6/
                                  Deuteronomy 32:7-9/

      Saturday, Sep 21:   Exodus:12:14/


      David Seitz
      Professor of English
      Wright State University
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