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1670FW: New American Cantorate web site

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  • Suzanne A. Smailes
    Jun 10, 2013

      Forwarding a forwarded message J  For those of you who may be interested.




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      Subject: [ha-Safran] New American Cantorate web site


      Forwarding a message to the Music Librarians' list, which has just crossed my desk.

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      Subject: [MLA-L] New American Cantorate web site

      Dear MLA-L,

      I’m happy to announce a new Web site devoted to a musicological project from the 1980’s, the History of the American Cantorate, undertaken by Mark Slobin (Wesleyan University) and Mark Kligman (Hebrew Union College). The current project makes use of our institutional repository, WesScholar, a Digital Commons site, to store and disseminate documents and recordings.

      We’ve made available the audio examples from Mark Slobin’s book, Chosen Voices: The Story of the American Cantorate (University of Illinois Press, 1989), which grew out of the project, but additionally all the audio interviews, sung examples, and various documents and surveys that formed the raw data for the original project are available here as well.

      The main American Cantorate site is at http://cantorate.wesleyan.edu/ .

      Our institutional repository page for the project is at http://wesscholar.wesleyan.edu/cantorate/ , and there are multiple links from the American Cantorate pages to this repository.

      Please forward this announcement to interested researchers.



      Alec McLane
      Music Librarian/Director of the World Music Archives
      Wesleyan University
      Middletown, CT 06459 http://www.wesleyan.edu/libr/collections/music/index.html

      Zachary M. Baker
      Stanford University
      Stanford, CA 94305-6004