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      Subject: [yda-jobs] Emily's List Job Bank
      From: "Manatos, Tom" <tom.manatos@...>
      Date: Mon, May 02, 2005 5:28 am

      Welcome to the EMILY's List Job Bank job distribution list.   This list will mail out again May 6, 2005.  Please see below listings of jobs received as of April 29, 2005.


      If you've heard about a job through the EMILY's List Job Bank, please be sure to note that in conversation or in your cover letter.


      AS ALWAYS, please be sure to keep the EMILY's List Job Bank up to date with your job search progress!  Additionally, EMILY's List is receiving an increasing amount of calls regarding jobs - if you're interested in your resume being passed along and you haven't E-MAILED  your resume to the job bank, please do so immediately!


      Please excuse any formatting problems as postings are simply copied and pasted from original listing with no additional edits performed by the EMILY's List Training Department.  Please be sure to follow contact information provided with each job listing.




      Policy Specialist


      About the Center for Community Change:

      The Center for Community Change is a large national non-profit organization

      headquartered inWashington , D.C. Its mission is to promote the development

      of community organizing as a national force for social and economic justice.

      Founded in 1968, it is known for its role in supporting the national and

      grassroots coalitions that led to the creation of the food stamps program,

      the enactment of the Community Reinvestment Action, the growth of Community

      Development Corporations, and large-scale preservation of low income

      housing. More recently, the Center led efforts to secure a refundable child

      tax credit and restored food stamp eligibility for thousands of immigrant

      households. For further information, please visit our website at



      Principal Responsibilities:


      Stay abreast of historical context and emerging issues through the analysis

      of data, trends, studies, and reports.

      Track state and local policy activities and needs, and identify potential

      CCC partnerships and activities based on those findings. Provide legislative assistance on immigration issues: follow federal

      legislation, represent CCC to legislative coalitions and on Capitol Hill. Represent CCC position to partner organizations, policy makers and their

      staff, and others.

      Work closely with other CCC staff, including but not limited to Senior

      Policy Analysts, field staff, and communications staff to develop and

      disseminate policy platforms and relevant information to national and local

      partners, policy makers, the media, and communities.

      Conduct research and analysis in support of grassroots initiatives to change

      state and local policies, and document the lessons learned for a variety of


      Work closely with CCC staff to coordinate replication of successful

      community, neighborhood, and other local initiatives at the national, state,

      and local levels.



      Two or more years experience as a policy analyst or researcher, which may

      include experience as a policy analyst on Capitol Hill, academic research,

      or community work around issues of importance to low-income communities. A minimum of a Bachelor's degree is required. Academic study of public

      policy, administration, or social policy research is preferred. A proven commitment to the Center's mission of helping low income people

      develop the power and capacity to improve their communities and bring about

      broader social change

      A demonstrated ability to comprehend and provide critical analysis of

      legislative language is preferred.

      Experience with the federal and state legislative process is required. Experience and comfort working as a part of a multi-disciplinary team, able

      to contribute based on expert knowledge or otherwise, as needed. Good written and oral communication skills are a must. The ability to produce consistent, quality work in a fast-paced environment

      is essential.

      Knowledge of and experience with immigration issues is desired. Salary & Benefits: CCC offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package.


      Application Deadline:April 22, 2005


      Submit resumes with salary expectation to:


      Human Resources

      Attn: Policy Specialist

      Center for Community Change

      1000 Wisconsin Ave. NW

      Washington , DC 20007

      (Fax) 202-333 5462










       I           TITLE:           Director of Development

                  STATUS:        Fulltime


                  IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:        Executive Director


      II         NATURE & PURPOSE:


      Under the direction of the Executive Director, this position is responsible for the development, management and implementation of the chapter's fund development plan. He or she works as staff advisor to the Development Committee, and is responsible for the ongoing recruitment, management, and supervision of fundraising volunteers. Director of Development will regularly summarize to the Executive Director and Board of Directors the strategies,

      plans, activities, and movement toward the development goal.   




      The Development Director will have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and demonstrated experience in fundraising, volunteer management, planning, organizing, and managing events. He or she will have proven staff leadership in the creation and implementation of a successful and cost-effective fundraising program and have expertise in corporate and foundation giving, major gifts, annual giving and fund- and friend-raising events. The Director of Development will have excellent interpersonal skills and the capacity to understand and be sensitive to issues relating to chronic and life-threatening illness. Knowledge of Donor Perfect or similar fundraising software greatly preferred.


      IV        SUMMARY OF DUTIES:


      1.      Develop a feasible and cost effective fundraising plan with clearly

      defined and accountable objectives


      2.      Manage the implementation of the fundraising plan and all fund raising

      activities, campaigns/initiatives and events.


      3.      Develop target list of corporations, foundation, and individual



      4.      Solicit/Develop on-going relationships with

      corporations/foundations/individuals for monetary/volunteer/in-kind support


      5.      Respond in a timely fashion to referrals, call-ins, opportunities for

      donations as they occur


      6.      Research, create, implement, and sustain active on-going grant

      solicitation program


      7.      Develop and manage promotional and publicity materials and



      8.      Maintain constituent database including input, donation processing,

      data extraction and reports


      9.      Represent Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation to the public

      and to targeted audiences


      10.  Recruit, train and supervise volunteers to support fund raising programs


      11.  Help educate, empower, and support the fundraising success of the Chapter Board


      12.  Serve as the staff advisor to the Development Committee


      13.  Maintain on-going dialogue with Starlight Starbright Headquarters to maximize revenues from HQ based programs that benefit the chapter


      14.  Seek sponsorships for SL events/programs


      15.  Develop new concepts for profitable events


      16.  Other duties as may be assigned


      V         UNIVERSAL DUTIES:


      1.      Comply with all governing legal requirements as set forth in the

      agency by-laws, policies and procedures.


      2.      Ensure that all Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation

      Headquarters and Chapter fund raising policies and procedures are being followed.


      3.      Promote an atmosphere of team building, cooperation and trust among

      staff, volunteers, and the community.


      4.      Work collaboratively toward accomplishment of the Chapter's  goals

      and objectives.


      5.      Ensure confidentiality of agency, child/family and volunteer



      6.      Possess a demonstrated ability to perform job duties and interact with

      the public in a professional manner. 


      V1       GOALS


      The Director of Development will be responsible for bringing in incremental cash revenue annually as determined by a meeting of the Director of Development and Executive Committee. The Director of Development will also be subject to a six-month progress review and monthly progress reports.


      Position open until candidate selected.


      Please send resume to:

      Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation - MidAtlantic

      2020 K St., NW

      Suite 800

      Washington , DC 20006


      Or email to cara.martin@...





      Field Department


      People For the American Way is a national organization

      with 750,000 members and supporters that defends

      constitutional and civil rights and promotes the

      democratic values of citizen participation, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and respect for diversity.  The Field Department mobilizes People For the American Way activists, organizational allies, and the public in grassroots issue campaigns to affect public policy in local communities, state legislatures, and the U.S. Congress.  The Senior Organizer works in the national office inWashington , D.C. under the direction of the National Field Director.




      *           Serve as a lead organizer on key PFAW issues -

      including the federal judiciary and public education.

      *           Create and implement campaign plans aimed at a

      variety of key constituencies. This includes

      organizing and facilitating meetings and events with

      these constituencies. 

      *           Maintain relationships in national and local

      coalitions, providing leadership on key activities.

      *           Conduct organizing work, state legislative research

      and build a strong base of contacts for PFAW's work in

      targeted states.

      *           Serve as field department expert on assigned

      legislative issues. This includes providing strategy

      and campaign plan suggestions on these issues.

      *           Write and edit letters, alerts, and other materials

      needed for various campaigns.

      *           Prepare weekly updates on activities, briefing other

      staff as needed.




      *           Excellent communication and presentation skills,

      including public speaking experience.

      *           Excellent organizational skills, attention to

      detail, and ability to manage several tasks


      *           Ability to work both independently and with


      *           Minimum of three years experience in political or

      grassroots organizing.

      *           Ability to work effectively with diverse groups and


      *           Ability and willingness to travel.

      *           Computer proficiency, including familiarity with

      MSOffice applications.

      *           Interest in PFAW issues and commitment to

      progressive causes.


      To apply, send a resume and statement of interest to

      Dibby Johnson, Director of Human Resources, People For

      theAmerican Way , 2000 M Street, NW,Suite 400 ,

      Washington , DC  20036 .  Email to hr@....


      People For the American Way is an Equal Opportunity





      Director of Programs Job Description

      Proteus Fund State-Based Programs


      Proteus Fund seeks a strong leader to build, launch and manage the new Blueprint Project, which creates social justice grantmaking strategies to build progressive power in specific states.  This new position is based in Proteus Fund'sWashington D.C. office and will oversee all Proteus Fund programs.


      The Director of Programs reports to the Executive Director, serves on Proteus Fund's management team and works closely with Director of Strategy to initiate, develop and coordinate state work in political reform, voter engagement and mobilization, coalitions, alliances and networks and issue campaigns.   The Director of Programs guides and oversees a growing team of program officers located in various parts of the country, provides program leadership and is responsible for program planning, design, management, budgets, implementation, and evaluation.  In addition, the Director of Programs works closely with the Development Team to ensure that all programs are financially secure, interacts with donors on a regular basis and represents Proteus Fund and its programs to funders, grantees, and the general public.


      Duties and responsibilities of the Director of Programs:


      Program Management:


            Blueprint Project:

      Implement, direct and manage Proteus Fund's new Blueprint Project

      With the Director of Strategy, initiate new program areas and design short term initiatives with a primary focus on building progressive power in states

      Lead and oversee the Proteus Fund Program Team and supervise the work of individual Program Officers to implement grantmaking and technical assistance programs, evaluate and research all programs with particular attention on projects focused on building progressive power in the states

      Lead members of the Program Team in developing expertise both about working in state political environments in general and about specific priority states

      Work with Program Officers to create and maintain standard reporting templates and information database for state research


           General Program Management:

      Lead and oversee other  Proteus programs and initiatives and supervise other Program Officers not involved in the Blueprint Project

      Lead the Program Team in the evaluation of program accomplishments and the creation of program reports and updates

      Coordinate and oversee program work across Proteus Fund offices

      Oversee the management of the grantmaking process and timelines especially the production of relevant dockets and other materials

      Oversee contracts of consultants who provide services to Proteus Fund

      Provide programmatic advice and consultation to Proteus Fund Donor Advised Funds and other funders as needed

      Attend appropriate outside meetings representing the Proteus Fund and its programs


      General Administration:

      With the Executive Director, Director of Finance and Administration and Director of Development and Communications, participate in the management of Proteus Fund as a member of the Management Team.

      Help set the agenda for strategic planning staff retreats and staff meetings and lead or participate in Proteus Fund special events or projects as needed or requested

      Provide assistance with writing and editing programmatic materials and other materials of a general nature as needed or requested


      Proteus Fund Board of Directors:

      Provide support to Proteus Fund Board of Directors, Grants Committee and other program-specific advisory boards and committees

      Attend meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Grants Committee



      With the Development Team, identify and cultivate funder colleagues who might support current state-based programs, the Blueprint Project and other initiatives

      Develop materials that promote Proteus Fund's Blueprint Project and other programmatic materials

      With development staff, maintain relationships with current donors



      With the Director of Finance and Administration and individual program officers, create and monitor the annual programmatic budgets for all Proteus programs including current state-based programs, the Blueprint Project and related initiatives and programs



      Represent Proteus Fund and its programs to foundations, associations, grantees, and the public

      Distribute information about the Proteus Fund in general and the Blueprint Project and related initiatives in particular


      Additional duties of similar complexity will be occasionally required.


      Work Hours: This is a full-time position requiring a minimum of 40 hours per week.  Additional hours are intermittently required. Work generally occurs Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Evening and weekend hours are occasionally required.  Travel is required.


      Compensation: Proteus Fund offers competitive salary and benefits, including four weeks of paid vacation, holidays, sick leave, health insurance, short and long term disability insurance, life insurance, and employer contribution to a pension plan.


      Required Background and Skills: Experience with grantmaking and management of program staff; knowledge of state-based policy and organizing work, political reform, voter engagement and mobilization, state coalitions, alliances and networks and national and state-level issue campaigns; strong written and verbal communication skills; attention to detail and a high degree of personal organization; financial management skills; good problem solving instincts; versatility and adaptability to a fast-paced, sometimes-stressful environment; sense of humor and ability to work in a small office with limited clerical support. Additional indicators of appropriate experience and abilities include seven to ten years of experience in a relevant non-profit setting and/or an advanced degree in a related field.



      Proteus Fund believes that one of the great strengths of community is the

      rich diversity of its residents in race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender,

      sexual orientation, age and physical ability.  Proteus Fund affirms publicly its

      moral and legal commitment to a policy of equal opportunity in employment.



      The Proteus Fund


      264 North Pleasant Street

      Amherst , MA 01002

      Tel. 413.256.0349

      Fax 413.256.3536







      Executive Assistant to the President & CEO



      Supervisor: President & CEO

      Location: GeneticAlliance ,4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 404 , Washington , DC20008

      Classification: Full Time

      Benefits: Competitive Salary and Benefits


      General Position Overview

      The Genetic Alliance, a nonprofit organization based in Washington DC , seeks a motivated, assertive, responsible, self-directed individual to provide direct support to the President/CEO. This person will help facilitate day- to-day operations and must be comfortable interacting with senior level professionals. The candidate must have superior organizational skills, excellent communication skills, and sound judgment. S/he must be able to work in a fast-paced environment with highly-motivated staff in a rapidly-growing mission-focused organization.


      Organization Background

      The Genetic Alliance is a coalition of hundreds of genetic advocacy organizations, health professionals and researchers. It works to increase the capacity of genetic advocacy groups to achieve their missions and to leverage the voices of millions of individuals with genetic conditions.


      Job Responsibilities


          * Provide direct support to the President/CEO by serving as manager of the

            Executive Office.

          * Manage incoming telephone calls, letters, and e-mail communications.

          * Manage the President/CEO's calendar, including managing time, tasks and

            scheduling all appointments and meetings. Check in with President/CEO daily

            to coordinate tasks and schedules.

          * Serve as the secretary for the Board of Directors.

          * Coordinate and prepare in final materials for Board meetings. Draft and

            distribute minutes.

          * Execute writing and research assignments as directed by the President/CEO.

            Assist in the President/CEO preparation for meetings, presentations, and

            speeches, including development of PowerPoint presentations.

          * Handle all travel for the Executive department.

          * Provide general administrative support, including photocopying,

            word-processing, filing (both paper and electronic), and faxing.

          * Participate in departmental meetings, as appropriate.

          * Perform other related duties, as assigned by the President/CEO.


      Required Qualifications


          * Performance Skills Required

          * Time Management & Organization - Use effective time and project management

            skills to set priorities, independently maintain the President's schedule

            and coordinate agendas. Coordinate and manage multiple projects. Excellent

            organizational skills to independently maintain full schedule of the


          * Professional Team Work and Productivity - Ability to work independently

            and/or as a team member, providing general office support as back up where

            needed. Ability to work well under pressure. Ability to use good judgment

            and exercise discretion. Professional demeanor. Self-motivated. Excellent

            interpersonal communication skills required. The successful candidate will

            be a highly effective communicator with their superior, colleagues and


          * Flexible in working hours and available to work long hours, evenings and

            weekends needed.

          * Writing & Editing - Compose and edit business documents on President's

            behalf, utilizing excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

            Communicate to a wide variety of audiences on the President's behalf.

          * Computer Skills - Ability to use software solutions for management,

            communication, scheduling and expense tracking. Advanced skills in Microsoft

            Office Suite. Familiarity with databases. Familiarity with Macintosh

            computer and server is a plus but not a requirement.

          * Office Equipment - Proficient use of standard office equipment - fax,

            photocopier, postage machine, printer.

          * Commitment - to the mission of the organization in an open, honest culture,

            that strives to grow not only the organization, but also the individuals

            within it.



      Low 30's with performance based bonuses and excellent benefits. The Genetic Alliance offers a generous benefits plan and ample opportunity for growth. The Genetic Alliance is an equal opportunity employer.


      To Apply

      Last day to apply March 30th.

      Please send a cover letter, resume, two writing samples, a list of references and a salary history (which will be held in strict confidence) to Sharon Terry, President/CEO sterry@.... Please include "Executive Assistant" in the subject line.



      Policy Analyst


      TheAlliance for Children and Families, Office of Public Policy in

      Washington , D.C. , seeks an experienced professional to help advance

      the organization's mission in public policy.  TheAlliance is an

      international nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening

      families and communities and advocating for child-family and

      community supportive policies in the public and private sectors.  It

      groups over 320 agencies that deliver quality programs and services

      throughout theUnited States .


      The responsibilities of the Policy Analyst:

      *           Lobby on key issues on behalf ofAlliance members before

      Congress and the administration.

      *           Prepare public testimony, articles, issue briefs, and other

      materials for publication through the bi-monthly e-news, the

      website, and CAPWIZ.

      *           Monitor and analyze legislation and federal funding streams;

      analyze potential implication of decisions.

      *           Disseminate public policy information toAlliance members

      via action alerts, articles and e-news.  Engage and involveAlliance

      members in legislative and advocacy activities.

      *           Publicize funding opportunities.

      *           Coordinate events such as the public policy conference and

      prepare grant applications to offset related costs.

      *           Represent the Alliance for Children and Families in key


      *           Prepare senior management quarterly reports and bi-annual

      lobbying reports.

      *           Order office supplies; work with IT department to maintain

      printer, fax and other office machines.

      *           Collaborate in the update and maintenance ofAlliance

      website and information to maintain relevant and timely information.

      *           Accurately input data and updates into iMis system as


      *           Use Alliance resources responsibly, looking for ways to cut

      expenses and build revenue.


      The Policy Analyst should have a baccalaureate degree and three

      years of related experience, or an advanced/professional degree and

      two years of experience in related policy work.  Experience working

      in federal or state government/legislature on similar issues would

      be useful as well as experience working with volunteer governance

      bodies.  Working familiarity with the federal legislative process

      and governmental structures needed as well as a working knowledge of

      the Internet, computer programs and electronic informational



      Strong written and communications skills essential.  The Policy

      Analyst must be able to work well in a team of organizational

      professionals.  Salary range negotiable, depending on experience. 

      Good employee benefit package.


      Interested individuals should e-mail a resume with a cover letter to

      policy@..., attention Carmen Delgado Votaw, Senior Vice

      President, Public Policy,Alliance for Children and Families, 1701 K

      Street, NW, Suite 200 , Washington , D.C. 20006-1503 , tel. 202-429- 0400 x15. Please visit our website at www.alliance1.org.


      TheAlliance for Children and Families is an equal opportunity





      ChoiceUSA mobilizes and provides ongoing support to the diverse, upcoming generation of leaders who promote and protect reproductive choice both now and in the future. We are dedicated to the right of each person worldwide to decide when and if they will have sex, when and if they will be pregnant, and when and if they will have a child. In order to make those personal decisions, accurate information and safe, legal reproductive health services must be available to everyone.



      Build and mobilize affiliate leadership and membership, maintain communications with/between western affiliates, and provide organizational assistance to affiliates in the western region.

      Recruit and maintain (and report to Field Director) accurate and comprehensive contact lists of western affiliates, organizational and community leaders and activists.

      Recruit and maintain  (and report to Field Director) an accurate and comprehensive database of individual members residing in the western states

      Represent Choice USA at campus and community events, conferences, activities.

      Develop and nurture relationships and participate in coalitions with local and community progressive and pro-choice organizations as well as western state student associations.

      Engage western affiliates, students, young people and community members in Choice USA grassroots campaigns.

      Work with national Choice USA staff to plan and implement National and Western States Gloria Steinem Leadership Institutes (GSLIs), Choice Grassroots Organizing Weekends (*GROWs ), and other trainings of the Pro-choice Organizing Academy 

      Serve as liaison between the national office and western states membership and affiliates.

      Submit bi-annual field reports; engage in weekly field meetings and one-on-ones with the Field Director.

      Engage in weekly staff meetings.

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