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FW: [Job Announcement] SEIU State Council WA

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    ... Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 7:36 PM Subject: [Job Announcement] SEIU State Council WA sorry for any duplicates: tmr Help Build Political Power For Working
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      Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 7:36 PM
      Subject: [Job Announcement] SEIU State Council WA


      sorry for any duplicates: tmr

      Help Build Political Power For Working Families!





      Executive Director, SEIU Washington State Council


      About SEIU: With more than 1.5 million members, SEIU is the largest and fastest-growing union in North America.  SEIU represents workers in three industries: health care, public services, and building services.  SEIU’s six Washington state locals represent over 52,000 workers, including health care and long-term care workers in the acute care, mental health, nursing home, home care and other health-related fields; public employees including university classified staff, K-12, classified staff, and state & local government employees; and building service workers who clean major commercial office buildings.   SEIU Local Unions speak with one voice and build political power through the State Council.  The Washington State Council has recently committed to a dramatic expansion of the union’s political capacity in Washington in order to win greater economic and legislative victories for SEIU members.


      About the Position: The Executive Director leads the SEIU Washington State Council and will, in cooperation with local unions and the international union, develop and direct the union’s political and legislative programs in Washington state. These include election programs, volunteer member-political-organizer programs; small-donor COPE fundraising programs; legislative programs; and the development of SEIU’s political infrastructure.  The Executive Director will be asked to think strategically and creatively in guiding the Council through a variety of issues and problems.  The position will be located in the greater Puget Sound region, requires long and irregular hours of work, and will require frequent travel within the state as well as some travel outside the state.


      Who Should Apply?  Experienced union leaders, political campaign strategist and organizers who are dedicated to building the labor movement, building power for working families, and raising standards for workers in each of SEIU’s industries.  Successful applicants will have 7 or more years of combined experience working in the labor movement, progressive politics, or in an allied progressive organization, and will be familiar with all aspects of political and legislative campaigns and membership-based political and legislative programs.  Women and persons of color are especially encouraged to apply. A B.A. or advanced degree is not a strict requirement of this position, but will be favorably considered in the application process.


      How to Apply:  The following materials will constitute a complete application package, and must be received by the application deadline:

      1. A cover letter outlining the reasons you are interested in this position and why you believe you are qualified.
      2. An up-to-date resume and complete salary history.
      3. A list of no fewer than three individuals who may serve as job references for you.  These should be people who have supervised you in the recent past, or other individuals who are in a position to comment on your professional accomplishments.  You must include the name, organization, job title, and all current contact information for each individual.
      4. Candidates are encouraged to submit samples of work product.  This could include a written campaign plan, an article from a professional journal, direct mail samples, or any other example of your work that you believe reflects well on your accomplishments.  (Feel free to be creative).


      Candidates may apply by sending the above materials via mail, fax, or email to SEIU’s Western Region Office. 


      SEIU Local 660

      Attn: Washington State Council Executive Director Search

      950 W. Washington Blvd

      Los Angeles, CA 90015

      Fax: (213) 749-2361

      Email: executivesearch20003@...

      SEIU is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.


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