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FW: [idf-alumni] ACLU seeking Seattle-based campaign manager

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  • Rob Dolin
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      From: idf-alumni@yahoogroups.com [mailto:idf-alumni@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Selina Astra Davis
      Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 4:33 PM
      To: idf-alumni@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [idf-alumni] ACLU seeking Seattle-based campaign manager

      Came across the following while searching for post-Bar legal gigs.  Thought some IDFers might be interested in the position and/or just news of the project.


      - Selina


      Employer:  ACLU of Washington (Seattle, WA)

      Division:  Drug Policy Reform Project

      Title:  Campaign Manager

      Description:  Campaign Manager

      Washington State Drug Law Reform Project


      Full Time Position Available


      The ACLU is a non-profit, public interest organization devoted to protecting civil liberties and civil rights. We work daily in courts and communities to defend and extend the basic rights of all persons in this country.


      America's "war on drugs" has been remarkably ineffective, despite decades of criminal prohibition and intensive law enforcement efforts. Meanwhile, it has undercut privacy rights, overwhelmed prisons with non-violent offenders, strained governmental budgets, increased racial inequities, and ruined lives. The ACLU's national Drug Law Reform Project, headquartered in Santa Cruz and its Washington state project in Seattle work together to advance sensible alternatives to current American drug policy


      The Job. The position will be located in Seattle and will be jointly supervised by the National ACLU Drug Law Reform Project and the ACLU of Washington. The successful candidate will lead the effort to design and implement a multi-year strategic educational campaign to reframe public thinking about drug laws, and marijuana laws, in particular. The campaign will help build support for the view that there are better ways to address drug use and abuse, ways that will ultimately lead to a society that is freer, fairer, healthier, and less crime-ridden.


      The campaign will work to educate the public and opinion leaders concerning the criminalization of drug users. It will engage in outreach to and persuasion of opinion leaders, professional organizations, political moderates, and others who have not previously considered the harmful consequences of the "war on drugs." The campaign will also focus on broadening the range of communities that understand the deleterious affects of the drug war and developing innovative and dynamic strategies to develop support for reforms that protects freedom, while effectively addressing the heath and social concerns associated with drugs.


      Qualifications. Applicants should preferably have:


      > high-level experience working in a state or national campaign for significant policy reform.

      > demonstrated ability to think and plan strategically and an understanding of public opinion research, media relations, and other communications strategies.

      > well-developed ability to facilitate communication and collaboration

      > highly-tuned organizational skills

      > ability to work independently.


      We will also consider exceptional candidates with less experience. We are looking for a highly effective collaborator, who can work very closely with the ACLU-WA staff (including the drug policy project director, field director and executive director), the staff of the national ACLU Drug Law Reform Project, as well as allied organizations and atypical partners


      Outstanding speaking and writing skills in order to advocate before diverse audiences are required.


      Applicants must have a car and driver's license, the ability to travel throughout Washington and the flexibility to work irregular hours that include evening meetings. Language ability in addition to English is a plus.


      Compensation and benefits. The salary will be commensurate with experience within the parameters of the ACLU-WA salary scale.


      The benefits package includes medical, dental and disability insurance, a pension plan, and three weeks vacation to start.


      Location:  Seattle Metro Area
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