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.When I have some problems with my half, I visit this site: http://mercimerci-lunettes.com/com.friend.php?xgoogle=04e4
Stoicescu Catalin
Oct 14, 2011

Re: Pending aproval status?

... Well plugin appear to have made it into v9. I see that we can still not submit plugins though. Have any of you had you plugins approved this year?
Gerald W. Gaston
Oct 19, 2008

Re: Pending aproval status?

Nope... I'm kinda thinking the plugin system for non commercial plugins is dead... maybe it wasn't as big a success as they had hoped? It doesn't look like
Jul 15, 2007
Jul 14, 2007

Re: Pending aproval status?

Any luck yet? I have been waiting over two months for approval. Kind of killed my user base.
Jon Bastin
Jul 14, 2007

Pending aproval status?

Hi, Just wondered if there is an update to the approval process? it's been over two weeks since I submitted a plugin, it didn't use any activex or other
Jul 1, 2007

Trouble Sleepinginput-synchronous call.

Dear Yahoo & YIM folks, I am having trouble ending a call which is active when the system goes to sleep. After Suspend/Resume (also known as sleep/wake) the
Andy Wolpert
May 8, 2007

CallFriendComputer function can't work?

help me. why the CallFriendComputer function can't work? my code below: window.external.Voice.CallFriendComputer("rhodebj"); Thanks for any input. Rhode
May 4, 2007

OnEvent Request (like invite a friend to start a plugin)

Hi I've started a side panel plugin that need to send informations to a friend. The friend need to accept or refuse what I send... I was thinking to use same
Apr 30, 2007

Is there a program...

Is there a program to change files such as html, java.... into other files or maybe a plugin? __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!?
Danielle Benesch
Apr 27, 2007

saveing incoming messages to clipboard from plugin

Hi, Though I am a beginner to javascript but I can do a pretty good coding [copy/pasting]. I would like to know is there is any way to add incoming messages to
I will tell u after we become friends.
Apr 26, 2007

change client information

All, How to change the information in Yahoo! when we use IM Transport? as we know, if we use this IM Gateway as transport then Yahoo! will show information to
Aan Isnaini
Apr 26, 2007

Re: own status change event handler

I found that adding myself to the friend list works just fine for what i wanted. The polling technique is also a great ideea and i'll look into it. Maybe in
Apr 13, 2007

serverless messenger and SIP-/H.323-VOIP - addable to yahoo menue?

Hello, there is a serverless messenger http://retroshare.sf.net It is as well capable of file sharing amoung the users in FTP style and the chat is secure
Till Weber
Apr 13, 2007

Re: Convert Outgoing or Incomming Text

... Conversation plugins can't change the HTML that's displayed for a message in the conversation area. If you want to show something special in response to a
Apr 13, 2007
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