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  • Can u share an example? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's an Intel chip doing in a Mac? A whole lor more that it's ever done in a PC. My Digital Life - http://scottwalter.com/blog Pro:Blog - http://scottwalter.com/problog ----- Original Message ---- From: ggederer To: ydn-javascript@^$1 Sent: Tuesday...
    Scott Walter Feb 14, 2006
  • Hi, I'm trying to use the Tree control via an Ajax call. I have this: tree.setDynamicLoad(loadDataForNode) I understand that when a node is clicked this function will be called. My question is how do I get the tree to load on a completion of an Ajax call? I see from the docs they have something like this: function loadDataForNode(node, onCompleteCallback) { // Be sure to notify the...
    tx_scottwalter Feb 14, 2006