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Re: Calendar Images override

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  • Satyen Desai
    Hi Jacob, Calendar currently provides 2 configuration properties: NAV_ARROW_LEFT, NAV_ARROW_RIGHT
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2007

      Hi Jacob,

      Calendar currently provides 2 configuration properties:  NAV_ARROW_LEFT, NAV_ARROW_RIGHT  to configure the left/right arrow images.

      The CLOSE icon, unfortunately, is not exposed as a configuration, class or object property. It can be customized as a workaround by changing the IMG_ROOT  (which calendar also exposes) to point to your own root location and then replicating the default subdirectory path/filename for the close button.  Admittedly this is messy.

      We're actually in the process of evaluating how our components pull in supporting image assets and we're leaning towards a CSS based solution which some of our components currently use and for others will be pushed out in upcoming releases.



      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "jpdavenportjr" <jacob@...> wrote:
      > I override the menu images with local copies, which means I override
      > the IMG_ROOT, also. I'd like to do so on calendar.js, but I can't
      > because the images are hard coded instead of prototyped.
      > Will these images be prototyped in future versions? It's a very nice
      > design, and I'd like to see it be standardized in all the libraries.
      > Thanks,
      > Jacob

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