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Code to make a tree branch open in a new window.

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  • Vicky Chase
    var palmtree=new jktreeview( tree3 ) palmtree.addItem( Home , , ) palmtree.addItem( News and Events , ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2007

      var palmtree=new jktreeview("tree3")
      palmtree.addItem("Home", "", "")
      palmtree.addItem("News and Events", "", "http://lrwlnews.blogspot.com/")
      var branch1=palmtree.addItem("Online Library")
       palmtree.addItem("Request: Statewide Catalog", branch1,"http://rqst-agent.auto-graphics.com/agent/login.asp?cid=rqst&lid=NGTN&mode=G")
       palmtree.addItem("Library of Congress:National Catalog", branch1,"http://catalog.loc.gov/")
      var branch2=palmtree.addItem("Library Information")


      I am using a very simple javascript to create a menu tree for my webpage. I would like this page which is outside of my webpage to open in a new window.  some scripts i am using allow me to add "_new" but this jktreeview script is not. any suggestions?

      vicky chase

      webmaster lucy robbins welles library, newington, ct.

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