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Re: Yui vs Flash

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  • Jason Erickson
    There s nothing on the flashbock website to indicate why you might want to block Flash (and be very open about JS). Flash is very widely installed and JS is
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 30, 2007
      There's nothing on the flashbock website to indicate why you might
      want to block Flash (and be very open about JS).

      Flash is very widely installed and JS is sometimes turned off, so
      with either one you could face issues, but either is fine for the
      vast majority of users.

      It also depends on if accessibility (e.g. help for the blind like
      screen readers) is a consideration. In the example you gave, the YUI
      menus can be made with markup, so it's no problem at all for screen
      readers. I don't know what accessibility features are available in
      Flash, but I doubt they are as much as for a browser in general. On
      the other hand, if you have a limited set of users for which this is
      not a priority Flash is probably just as good.

      YUI is very good at cross browser support, but JS libraries in
      general are not as good as Flash for cross browser. If your needs
      are limited to simple javascript plus YUI, I think YUI is great. If
      you find that you are having a hard time meeting your needs (like you
      need an editable grid for example), you will have to look beyond YUI
      and take your chances with cross browser. (yui-ext is quite good,
      but not associated with YUI and I doubt this one man operation has
      the testing resources available that Yahoo has.)

      I don't think search engines are very good at dealing with Flash,
      either. Say your site has a news feed and you would like for people
      searching on terms in that news feed to hit upon your page. If that
      news feed was being displayed inside a Flash application, you chances
      of getting a hit are quite a bit lower than if you use markup, CSS
      and JS. I don't know for a fact, but I think if the news was
      displayed asynchronously (i.e., the page had to load and then make a
      request for the news and dynamically alter the DOM) that wouldn't be
      very likely to be captured by a search engine no matter which you use.

      Those are just my humble thoughts. I'm fairly new to both, so I
      might have some faulty assumptions - I'm sure that someone will
      correct them if I do. For me, I'm using YUI because I'm more
      comfortable as a developer with JS than I am with Flash/FLEX.

      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, Marcus Engene <yahoo@...>
      > ~tunk~ skrev:
      > > Well just want to get a clearer picture here, why would I want to
      > > javascript ajax and yui and not flash?
      > >
      > > I was assigned to work on a project involved a lot of things that
      > > could be done on yui, a flying menu, for instance. I spent
      sometime on
      > > yui to make it performs just how i like. I then move on to worked
      > > something else. Today out of my curiosity, I ask myself why
      didn't use
      > > flash to do the job? Well the answer is obvious, because my boss
      > > wanted it that way but did I?
      > >
      > > No, I have never been working on flash before but it seem to me
      > > flash is far more stable as a technology. At very least I think I
      > > have a flying menu align to the right of the screen without any
      > >
      > > It just happened that someone in my office mention FJAX to me
      > > recently. Like I told you I never use flash and only use AJAX
      thru the
      > > Yui. That is when I think of using flash in stead of Yui.
      > >
      > > Please tell me what are the critical reason that make you use Yui
      > > not Flash
      > >
      > > cheers,
      > > peter :)
      > http://flashblock.mozdev.org/
      > Best regards,
      > Marcus
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