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Re: [ydn-javascript] What Happened?

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  • AndrĂ© Didier
    I haven t found any problems... The URL appears correctly to me :S ... -- callto://andredidier
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 12, 2006
      I haven't found any problems... The URL appears correctly to me :S

      On 4/12/06, Eric Ceres <ericceres@...
      > wrote:
      The URL on the bottom of each email adds an extra _ which causes a broken link.  The correct link is:
      maybe someone should report this to Yahoo, in the past when looking into reporting things to yahoo I have found it hard to find link and non-responsive so maybe someone inside the company should look into this?
      - Eric Ceres

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      What Happened to this group?  Opened it up this morning and it was
      suddenly empty.  Hopefully there's a backup somewhere and someone will
      use it!


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