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Re: Drag & Drop: How to find out what draggables are on what targets?

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  • randomjuju
    We face a similar problem (state management) with our own very large application . While we ve never dealt with precisely your
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2006
      We face a similar problem (state management) with our own very large application.  While we've never dealt with precisely your situation, I'm pretty sure that you'd have to write your own state storage code to deal with this.  It seems to me that all you'd need to do is keep track of everything in an array/hashtable, but I may be misunderstanding the problem.


      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "than505" <than505@...> wrote:
      > I am trying to work out how you would process the state of a drag and
      > drop application, in order to send the information back to the server.
      > In other words, how to find out which draggable elements are on which
      > targets etc. So here is my hypothetical scenario:
      > There is one draggable element (dragEl), and two targets (T1 and T2),
      > and a "process" button. The user drags the dragEl onto one of the
      > targets, then presses the "process" button ( which has an onclick
      > handler to call a function, processDD() ).
      > How would the function processDD() found out which target the dragEl
      > hand been dragged to?
      > I know you can find out inside the onDragDrop method, but I am
      > wondering how you can do it this way so that in a larger application I
      > could find out the states of various elements after a number of drag and
      > drop operations had happened.
      > Any ideas how I would do this? Thanks for your input.
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