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Re: Calendar Widget

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  • mori57
    ... dteMonthToShow, ... Further update. Here s more script: YAHOO.myapp.CalPanel = function(el, userConfig, dteMonthToShow, dteSelectedDate) {
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 1, 2006
      > Thanks, Steve.
      > I decided to go a bit back to the drawing board in my design of my
      > object. I got the calendar portion working well in isolation, but I'm
      > having a different sort of trouble, now.
      > I'm trying to embed the calendar into a YAHOO.widget.Panel, like so:
      > this.objPanel = new YAHOO.widget.Panel(parentEl,
      > {fixedcenter:false,
      > constraintoviewport:true,
      > underlay:"shadow",
      > close:false,
      > visible:true,
      > draggable:false} );
      > this.objPanel.setBody("<div class=\"bd\" id=\"calCalendar\"></div>");
      > this.objPanel.render(parentEl);
      > this.objCal = new YAHOO.myapp.Calendar(el,"calCalendar", dteMonthToShow,
      > dteSelectedDate);
      > this.objCal._parent = this;
      > this.objCal.render();
      > However, when I run the script, I end up with this weird effect, where
      > the Panel renders as the header of the Panel, and an empty "body", and
      > it overlaps my calendar widget. Any experiences with embedding the
      > Calendar in a Panel? Should the two not be mixed if at all possible?
      > Thanks for any advice in this area...
      > Jason M. Batchelor

      Further update. Here's more script:

      YAHOO.myapp.CalPanel = function(el, userConfig, dteMonthToShow, dteSelectedDate) {
          if(typeof(userConfig) == "undefined"){
              userConfig = { constraintoviewport: true, underlay:"shadow", close:false, visible:false, draggable:false, modal:false, width: "174px" };
      /* NOTE that if I do NOT set a width parameter, IE will show the calendar floating behind the grey "dropshadow" */
          YAHOO.widget.Panel.superclass.constructor.call(this, el, userConfig);
          this.dateField = "";
          this.tempDate = "";
          this.setBody("<div id=\"calCalendar\"></div>");

          this.objCal = new YAHOO.myapp.Calendar(this,"calCalendar", dteMonthToShow, dteSelectedDate);
          this.objCal._parent = this;
      /* I had to add these next two lines to make certain that the Panel's size conforms to the width of the calendar
           widget. If I just "zero" the width (setting the width property to ""), IE does it's nasty business again of just showing
           the calendar behind the drop-shadow layer. Firefox, however, conforms the size of the Panel to its contents, as desired
          var intCalWidth = YAHOO.util.Dom.getStyle("calCalendar","width");
          this.cfg.setProperty("width",(intCalWidth == "auto")? "166px" : intCalWidth+ "px");

      YAHOO.extend(YAHOO.myapp.CalPanel, YAHOO.widget.Panel);

      Any thoughts on what might be causing IE to flip out without the width parameter being set? Anything I can look for in my CSS that might be causing it to do so?

      Thanks again,

      Jason M. Batchelor
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