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Re: [ydn-javascript] Adding tooltips to a select/option

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  • Kevin Burke
    Evelyn buddy, I think i might have spotted your problem. In your configuration you have iframe: true . Note the quotations. This is passing a string of
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 27, 2006
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      Evelyn buddy,

      I think i might have spotted your problem.  In your configuration you have iframe: 'true'.  Note the quotations.  This is passing a string of true to iframe you want to pass it a boolean true.  Remove the quotes and see if it works.  If not, I'd have to look into it again.

      As a side note, if you are using a JSP 2.0 container you don't need the <c:out> tags you can just use the expression language straight up.  i.e instead of:

      id='<c:out value="${ postedTransaction.transactionId}"/>'

      you can just do:




      On 9/27/06, Hobson-Reasoner, Evelyn <evelyn_hobsonreasoner@...> wrote:

      I am trying to add a tooltip to a select menu and the tooltip is hidden by the dropdown. Is there a way to get the tooltip to appear on top of the menu?

      I have tried setting the z-index but that hasn't worked.

      Here's my code:
      <optgroup label="--------------------------------------------------------">
              <c:forEach var="postedTransaction" items="${projectedTransaction.restPostedTxnBeans}">
                      <option id='<c:out value="${postedTransaction.transactionId}"/>' value='<c:out value="${postedTransaction.transactionId}"/>'>

                              <c:out value="${postedTransaction.longDescription}"/>
                                <script type="text/javascript">
                                   var tooltip2 = new YAHOO.widget.Tooltip('<c:out value="${postedTransaction.transactionId}"/>Tooltip',

                                   { context:'<c:out value="${postedTransaction.transactionId}"/>',
                                     text:'<c:out value="${postedTransaction.longDescription}"/>',

      Evelyn Reasoner

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