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RE: [ydn-javascript] Custom pop up window

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  • Steven Peterson
    Jeremy, Dialog does exactly what you re looking for. You can find the full details on how to use it here:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2006
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      Dialog does exactly what you’re looking for. You can find the full details on how to use it here:




      If you’re having trouble with a specific problem, please feel free to post your code so that we can try to assist.



      Steven Peterson

      Web Developer, Platform Engineering





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      Subject: [ydn-javascript] Custom pop up window


      I am new to YUI I have been trying to create a custom pop up window
      that will gray out the background and have a SWF in the window. I am
      not having any luck getting anything started from scratch using the
      YUI, I have modified a couple of the examples but nothing seems to
      work, for what I am looking for.

      I would love some help from anyone who can help me get started... I
      have searched the previous posts and don't really see any answers to
      the questions, I have been to the developer site, I have the cheet
      sheets from yahoo... I guess I just need help getting started...

      Any help is appriciated!

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