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  • bretlevy
    See www.nxwrld.com for the beta (fully public) release. If you guys see any problems, feel free to let me know; bret at levycodev dot com. All the marketing
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2009
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      See www.nxwrld.com for the "beta" (fully public) release.

      If you guys see any problems, feel free to let me know; bret at levycodev dot com.

      All the "marketing speak" is below, if you're interested...

      Share and enjoy,


      "changing the world one person at a time"

      Build a global City in nxwrld.com for your organization or class - it is a free learning and discussion module

      nxwrld.com introduces the City concept allowing individuals, classes and organizations to access the full features of nxwrld.com while maintaining complete privacy among its members.

      nxwrld.com makes an excellent addition to your resources by providing a private and unique community for all your members to interact, share knowledge, learn, collaborate and develop new ideas together.

      A new social network for global action, www.nxwrld.com, is an engaging site that is free and aims to harness the collective wisdom of concerned global citizens and organizations into an online network for dialog.

      www.nxwrld.com provides insightful and compelling content that allows users to discuss and develop ideas and issues that people are passionate about, especially when they get together and feel the collective power of their growing movement.

      It focuses on the fundamental social, economic and political issues that form the fabric of people’s lives, our communities and beyond, empowering people to solve problems together and to build future stories that will change the world.

      For individuals to large organizations, www.nxwrld.com has a unique design that allows users to be as public or private as they choose. Users can connect with the global community or create the level of privacy they wish.

      Changing the world is just a click away and its free to use!

      To get started, just click www.nxwrld.com.

      Thank you for making a difference.

      Lucio Petroccione
      Founder, nxwrld.com

      Frequently asked questions

      What is a City?
      A city is a private environment for you and your members to interact with all the same features as the main www.nxwrld.com.

      Who can create a City?
      Anyone. A city is for any size organization or just a small group of friends.

      What can members do in a City?
      All the features found in www.nxwrld.com including:

      Maximize innovation, knowledge sharing, learning and collaboration
      Finding each other, network and even conduct business together
      Sharing your experiences to help make a difference for people and society
      Building relationships within a global network, develop and gain feedback on key issues and ideas
      Get involved in social issues outside your organization or group
      Attract potential new members

      What makes a City different than just joining nxwrld.com?
      The key difference is that all your City content and activity is accessible only by its members. Your members will also have the ability to view and participate in the entire nxwrld.com environment. This provides members with the option to stay within their City or go out to the entire www.nxwrld.com environment.

      Why is that valuable?
      Value comes from having a private environment where people in your City can come together to discuss issues and new ideas. This may be the first time your members have had an opportunity to explore your entire organization’s wealth of knowledge; especially in such a new and stimulating environment like www.nxwrld.com

      In addition, the ability to explore beyond your City into the entire www.nxwrld.com community provides new insights, ideas and information that can be brought back to the City for inclusion. The result is greater value to you, your people and organization.

      How do I see my City in nxwrld.com?
      You will see your Cities activity on every content page in nxwrld.com that has activity from your city. In addition, your members will be able to see and manage their city’s activity on their personal My Content pages. Your home page will continue to act as your organization’s main focal point.

      Will I be able to put my organization’s web link in nxwrld.com?
      Yes. www.nxwrld.com has an area where you can place your web link if you choose. In addition, you can attach the nxwrld.com link to your home page so your members can just click www.nxwrld.com to continue the dialog.

      Are there any technology requirements for nxwrld.com and building a City?
      No. Except for a web link, www.nxwrld.com does not require any integration with your current technology.

      What is the difference between a City and Private group?
      A City is a private area where all members can discuss an topic or issue they choose. A private group is usually focused around a single issue or idea for further development. Private groups can be established within a member’s City if desired.

      How do I join?
      Joining is easy and its free. Just click www.nxwrld.com to get started.
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