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Re: [ydn-javascript] Re: YUI TabView and site architecture

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  • Campbell
    Thanks for the reply. Lots of reading to do now...!! From: theblargoner Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 4:15 AM To: ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com Subject:
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      Thanks for the reply. Lots of reading to do now...!!

      Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 4:15 AM
      Subject: [ydn-javascript] Re: YUI TabView and site architecture

      The tabs on a TabView are not generally meant to serve as links to external pages in the usual way, although you can hack them to do this; see e.g.

      http://www.nabble. com/TabView: -Having-a- Tab-that- redirects- to-another- page-td23665461. html

      Have you considered having the tabs pull data from an external source?

      http://developer. yahoo.com/ yui/examples/ tabview/datasrc. html

      For a book on Ajax you might look at "Professional Ajax" by Nicholas Zakas et al.


      --- In ydn-javascript@ yahoogroups. com, "cjm1968_1" <campbell.mckellar@ ...> wrote:

      > Hi, I am
      just getting started with Ajax and YUI, and have been exploring the site. The help and examples are generally great, but I have some problems translating from simple examples into production code.
      > I am designing a site
      with quite a standard layout - a set of tabs across the top to allow navigation to each set of pages. The pages within each tab will be quite complex.
      > Can I use YUI TabView for this?
      > I have played with the
      examples, but they all have links internal to the current page. My site is large enough to require multiple pages so I was expecting to do somethng like:
      > <div id="demo" class="yui-navset" >
      > <ul
      class="yui-nav" >
      > <li class="selected" ><a
      href="#tab1" ><em>First Tab</em></a> </li>
      > <li><a
      href="anotherFile. html"><em> Second Tab</em></a> </li>
      > ....
      > However,
      the like to anotherFile. html does work within the tabView.
      > My questions are:
      > 1) Should this work, or is tabView just meant
      for nav within a single page?
      > 2) If not tabView, then can I do this
      easily with YUI? I would like to do this without visible page loads on every navigation event.
      > 3) Can anyone recommend any books about architecting
      large applications using YUI or Ajax in general - i.e. not just how to use each feature in isolation.
      > Thanks.

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