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YAHOO.util.Attribute and YAHOO.util.Config "silent" param interpretation

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  • peychevi
    The method setValue in YAHOO.util.Attribute interpreters silent param
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2009
      The method "setValue"  in YAHOO.util.Attribute interpreters "silent" param in different way than "setProperty"  method in
      In fact, if "silent" is true, YAHOO.util.Config does not invoke the registered handler for this property, but YAHOO.util.Attribute does ("handler" is renamed to "method" there).
      I didn't find any way to force YAHOO.util.Attribute to skip method invocation and I had to modify YUI's sources. Would you accept patch regarding this issue?

      The second issue:
      YAHOO.util.Attribute invokes the "method" and after that sets the new value, but YAHOO.util.Config does just the opposite.
      What is the point?

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